Lee Jung Jae’s directorial debut stint with Hunt is definitely to impress.

After his strong return to television screens with Netflix’s Squid Game, Jung Jae has sealed his status as one of the outstanding Korean actors. Now, he has taken an interest in directing having kicked off with Hunt.

The film received a standing ovation when it was screened during the Out of Competition Midnight Screening at the 2022 Cannes Film Festival. Sealing Lee’s directorial debut a success.

Hunt film overview

The South Korean action-packed film features Lee Jung Jae with fellow actor, Jung Woo Sung, his real-life best friend. It tells the story of the two agents, Park Pyung Ho (Lee Jung Jae) and  Kim Jung Do (Jung Woo Sung) who are working at the N.I.S (National Intelligence Service). 

Lee Jung Jae and Jung Woo Sung for Hunt | Photo courtesy of Glimmer Philippines

Set in the early years of 1980, the two agents are tasked to unmask a North Korean spy known as Donglim who’s part of their agency. Throughout the film, both agents start to uncover a shocking truth about each other, the major plot twist that thickens the story.

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Typical of any espionage-themed movie, expect the thrilling action scenes, only this time, done on a much grander scale. It is as explosive as the character reveals of Donglim and gut-wrenching to a point where one would like to dig deeper into Korean History after watching it.

Lee Jung Jae clearly knows that he has big shoes to fill as an actor-director and he didn’t disappoint. While it’s a fictional story in its entirety, some of the scenes are said to be taken from actual events. 

One of the best action-films this 2022

Immerse in the chase, the chaos, and the mind-games. Expect emotions to remain on a steady high as the film presents layers of thought-provoking theories embedded in a myriad of heart-pounding scenes. Adding realism to the story is the genuine character portrayal of its lead actors and supporting cast. Both Lee Jung Jae and Jung Woo Sung prove that they are still unrivaled even to this day. 

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The film wraps up leaving a message that remains to be relevant. In a time when good intentions often crumble down because of power and greed, it may require a human transformation above all rather than a revolution to instigate change. 

Lee Jung Jae and Jung Woo Sung for Hunt | Photo courtesy of Glimmer Philippines

Hunt is Director Lee Jung Jae’s vision that came to life and is now a masterpiece of its own. 

Aired in the Philippine Cinemas

The film was played in the Philippines last August, through the effort of the content production and distribution company, Glimmer Philippines headed by celebrity-host Grace Lee.

In keeping with its vision to leverage the exchange of top talent between both countries through content co-production and movie distribution, Glimmer Philippines aspires to offer high-production quality Korean content that is well-known to the Philippine scene.

What are you waiting for? Make sure that you bring your fellow fans and don’t miss out on this masterpiece.

We thank Glimmer Philippines for inviting us during the special screening night!

(Written by Hazel, Janezel, and Sheena)

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