Wi Ha Jun in Manila: A Night of Firsts and Extraordinary Fan Service

From playing games to cooking ramyeon to dancing Wi Ha Jun, the King of Fan service definitely did not disappoint.

Last May 21, 2023, Wi Ha Jun held his first fan meet here in Manila, which is called “Gameplay with Wi Ha Jun” at the New Frontier Theater hosted by no other than Sam Oh.

The moment that Wi Ha Jun walked towards the stage every Wively greeted him by saying “I Love You” in three different languages. While Wi Ha Jun stood smiling in front of his waiting fans rocking an orange BENCH t-shirt and faded jeans looking as handsome as ever.

Here are the highlights of the amazing night that PH Wively fans experienced with Wi Ha Jun

The night was filled with so many beautiful memories but let me try to narrow it down. 

A Gentleman Who Rewarded His Fans with the BEST Fan Service

This was the first time I have seen an Oppa greeting his fans by approaching them, hugging each one of them (which by the way he mentioned that he wanted to do in his press conference a day earlier), talking to them, and being nothing but a gentleman all the way. It was like every Wivelys who are present that day are already a winner even before the games began.

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The Squid Game

I was in awe to see how BENCH was able to prepare a lot of things with this fan meet especially with the games that reference Wi Ha Jun’s series called “Squid Game”. From the veil and sash worn by the chosen fans who would play “Stop Go” to the boxes that represent the “Glass Stepping Stones” game, BENCH exceeded every fan’s expectations as they remember the scenes from the said hit series.

What really makes these games more exciting was Wi Ha Jun, himself. Imagine yourself playing “Stop Go” with Wi Ha Jun looking at you straight in the eye, would you be able to stop yourself from moving? As for the “Glass Stepping Stones” game, would you be able to make the right choice while Wi Ha Jun held your hand as you jump from one box to the other? Baka mahimatay ka sa kilig bes!

A Ramyeon Date with Wi Ha Jun

Mapapa-sana all ka na lang sa portion na to bes!

One lucky fan gets a Ramyeon Date with Wi Ha Jun but that’s not the best part. The best part of this whole experience is that Wi Ha Jun was the one who cooked the Ramyeon that was to be served on his date.

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Wi Ha Jun shared with his fans how he wanted his Ramyeon to be cooked. He told everyone that he doesn’t really like to add extra ingredients like eggs because he wanted his ramyeon to be simple. But despite his simplicity, one thing he was particular with, in cooking his ramyeon was the amount of water, which should be exactly 900 ml.

While cooking, Wi Ha Jun was asked if he prefer a girl who loves to eat or someone who is more demure? And here’s his reply:

A Certified Dance Machine

Every Wively knows for a fact that Wi Ha Jun is one hell of a dancer. And seeing him dance in the flesh, live was something that every Wively dreams of. No words can describe the talent and charisma that this man possesses. Here are the two songs that Wi Ha Jun performed that night. And all I can say is, “Nabitin ako bes!

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When the World Stopped for 10 Seconds

I was not the winner of this contest but yes, I felt the world stopped for 10 seconds. Seeing the way Wi Ha Jun looked at her, focus only on her, and even removed the distance that they had as he places both his hands at the side of her face was something surreal. Did I say that he was the King of Fan service?

Taking on a Group Photo while sitting with Sir Ben Chan on the floor

Wi Ha Jun wanted to remember his first-ever Fan Meet which was held in Manila through BENCH and he wanted a photo of him with his fans and Ben Chan as he warmly asked him to sit beside him on the floor (another first, as Confirmed by Sam Oh) making the photo more memorable.

All in All, it was definitely a night of many firsts making it one of the most extraordinary and memorable events that BENCH has ever produced so far. Thank you BENCH for fulfilling the dreams of PH Wivelys by bringing our Oppa Wi Ha Jun here in the Philippines.

Until the next Bench Setter!

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