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Get Closer with the Versatile Actor Wi Ha Jun

📸 wi_wi_wi

Born as Leo on August 5, 1991, this magnificent actor slowly made his name as one of the sought-after actors in the Korean entertainment industry. 

Wi Ha Jun also discloses in one of his interviews on Netflix, how he used to be a member of a dance club in his school. He also revealed that his initial dream was to become a dancer but he turned out to be an actor instead. Which of course, is one of the reasons why we love him. 

Aside from dancing, Wi Ha Jun also enjoys going to the gym to keep himself fit, which is another plus point for his fans, Wively. 

But his charm does not end there, did you know that this strong-looking man is actually a light drinker and enjoys drinking wine over drinking alcohol like soju? 

When it comes to something he enjoys and love, no one beats his top list and that is his niece. You can always see a glimpse of them spending time together on his Instagram account, which is by the way wi_wi_wi. 

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Now we know bits of him, let’s continue with the top four characters that made Wi Ha Jun a household name.

1. 18 AGAIN

📸JTBC Drama
  • In this drama, Wi Ha Jun plays the role of Ye Ji-hoon, a famous baseball player. He may be playing a supporting role but he definitely showed his presence. Who wouldn’t notice the handsome charming baseball player that looks even more handsome when he smiles?


📸 wi_wi_wi
  • A global hit Korean drama series where he played the role of Hwang Jung Ho, an undercover police officer named in disguise as one of the pink soldiers who was looking for his brother. His tenacity is the reason why everyone was rooting for him. The success of the drama has opened more doors for Wi Ha Jun as he gets more and more projects.


📸 tvN Drama
  • Wi Ha Jun shared that his role as “K” was one of the roles he can relate to. In this drama, he was able to show a different side of himself. He plays his role alongside Lee Dong Wook which made the show even more amazing. 
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📸 tvN Drama
  • In this drama, he plays the role of Choi Do-il. The smart and good-looking member of the Wonryoung group. His elusive mysterious intentions are what kept his viewers on their toes.

On May 21, 2023, Wi Ha Jun is meeting his PH Wively with GAMEPLAY with WI HA JUN. Bench made the event possible for PH Wively to spend a memorable night night with his fans!

Wi Ha Jun is certainly making his mark in the South Korean Entertainment scene. Let’s continue supporting him with his future projects.

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