From visiting Cebu, Boracay, and Bench Stores, to personally wanting to hug each and every one of his fans, while rocking that Bench look, Wi Ha Jun is a certified heartthrob.

A day before his fan meeting, Wi Ha Jun shares his thoughts about being a Global Bench Setter, his love for his fans, and a bit about himself through a press conference, last May 20, 2023, hosted by Sam Oh presented by BENCH.

Let’s Get to Know Wi Ha Jun


Wi Ha Jun is a South Korean actor who is slowly, but surely becoming a household name. Geared with good looks, and versatility in acting, there is no doubt that this man will continue to capture the hearts of many.

Starring in hit drama series like 18 Again, Something in the Rain, Bad & Crazy, Squid Game, and Little Women to name a few, this talented man is not only getting your attention but also capturing your hearts with his versatility in acting.

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His Roles

Wi Ha Jun shared with the media how his role in the K-Drama series called, “Squid Game” changed a lot of things in his life and how he was able to experience a lot of things that he wasn’t able to experience before because of being part of it, just like having his first-ever fan meeting here in the Philippines. But if he was to choose which role was the most challenging for him he said that it would be his role “K” in the K-Drama “Bad and Crazy”. Despite the challenge that he with this role, it was also the role that he felt most connected with.


How He Spends His Free Time

Wi Ha Jun told the media that he usually spends his free time at home or going to the gym to work out. But another thing that he enjoys doing during his free time is going to cafes in his area as he chats with his friends.


A Certified “Probinsyano” and the Future Role He Wanted to Try

Wi Ha Jun also revealed to the media that he was a “Probinsyano” because he grew up on an island and he was from the province. He also stated how much he would love to play the role of someone who fell in love with a beautiful girl and how he wanted to try love stories or stories in the romantic genre.

What Keeps a Wi Ha Jun Grounded

Wi Ha Jun told the media that his parents and his fan’s support and the letters that came from them, which he reads, are the reason why he was able to stay grounded.

A Message for Wively, From Wi Ha Jun

When asked about his message to his fans, Wi Ha Jun stated that there was nothing else that he could tell his fans but thank you. He also informed the media how he religiously checks the posts that his fans made on Instagram and shares how he sees it being updated every day along with the cheerful and motivational messages that his fans share with him in their IG stories that never fail to motivate him.

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He also hope that through the fan meeting, he would be able to repay his fan’s kindness by making them happy. 

In the end, Wi Ha Jun thanked the media for coming to meet him and promises that as an actor he would do his best on his future projects and asked the media to take care as they leave.

A very kind man until the end!

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