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AO Exclusive: The cast of ‘Little Women’ shares what you shouldn’t miss in the upcoming tvN drama

A new weekend drama is coming our way!

The upcoming tvN drama “Little Women” stars Kim Go Eun, Nam Ji Hyun, Wi Ha Jun, Park Ji Hu, Uhm Ji Won, and Um Ki Joon.

“Little Women” is a story of three sisters (Kim Go Eun, Nam Ji Hyun, Park Ji Hu) in a world where they only have each other and struggles to earn money for themselves. Their story involves the rich and the powerful and how this will affect their lives as sisters.

This drama is a re-imagination of the popular novel of the same title. Director Kim Hee Won said they wanted to interpret the novel well and accurately as they can and they wanted to see what it’s like if the sisters from the original novel came to Korea.


Kim Go Eun as Oh In Joo

Oh In Joo is the eldest of three siblings. She grew up in a poor family and even as an adult, she still struggles to make money for her family. She realizes that money is the most important thing in the world. Throughout the story, she gets involved in a case that could change her life.

Kim Go Eun shared that she chose to play the role because they have an incredible casting and the story is interesting to her. She also added that her character thinks money is the most important thing in the world. You need money to express love to your family.

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In portraying the role of Oh Ji Hoo, Kim Go Eun said that they are plenty of ways to portray the character but she was cautious about how she can deliver the role.

Nam Ji Hyun as Oh In Kyung

Oh In Kyung is the middle child. She is a reporter. She is poor but she makes sure that money isn’t about everything. She is passionate about her work.

Nam Ji Hyun shared that the role of Oh In Kyung is very far from her previous roles which are lovely, cheerful, and happy characters. Oh In Kyung has a darker and richer color. She is a reporter who is passionate and reasonable. When she was preparing for her role, she talked with a few reporters to help her get into the character. Nam Ji Hyun added that her role is more on the serious side.

Park Ji Hu as Oh In Hye

Oh In Hye is the youngest of the siblings. She is studying at a prestigious art school. She is into art and a bit sensitive as a person. Her sisters care for her so much and she sometimes feels that her sisters love her too much.

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Park Ji Hu shared that she can relate to the character. She added that she wanted to grow with her character as well. Oh In Hye might come off as a bit selfish at times and Park Ji Hu wanted to make her acting as convincing as possible.

Wi Ha Joon as Choi Do Il

Choi Do Il graduated from a prestigious university. He came across with Oh In Joo and the two worked together in solving a case.

Wi Ha Joon shared that his role is so mysterious that it makes him more interested in the story. He added that he decided to focus on the cool and rational side of his character. He wanted to learn more about his character and that mysterious aura is what will make him interesting to the viewers.

The chemistry between the actors

Kim Go Eun shared that it was her first time meeting Nam Ji Hyun and Park Ji Hu at the script reading, but the moment they met, she immediately felt like they were real sisters. She was surprised that they were like their real characters.

Director Kim Hee Won added that the key to an amazing ensemble cast is when they have respect for each other. The chemistry between the cast is amazing and it’s always good vibes on set. She can see the cast laughing together and they enjoy being a part of this production.

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What you shouldn’t miss in ‘Little Women’

“Little Women” is an amazing drama that both the cast and crew worked hard together to produce. It has an unpredictable plot that will keep you watching.

Director Kim Hee Won added that there are a lot of actors that haven’t been revealed yet so watching this drama will be a surprise to the viewers.

Kim Go Eun shared that “Little Women” is a well-made production and she hopes the viewers will enjoy the show.

Nam Ji Hyun added the relationship between the characters and the money is something you should look forward to.

Park Ji Hu said that they have a huge ray of characters in this drama and you’ll see how these emotions are brought up within the family.

Wi Ha Joon shared that the relationship between the characters and how they overcome the twists and turns is something you shouldn’t miss.

Don’t miss “Little Women” this September 3 on Netflix!

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