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AO EXCLUSIVE: Twice details what concept they want to try next!

Filipino ONCE got drunk in love when nine-member group Twice held their first online fun meet on June 27, exclusively in the Philippines organized by BENCH.

The girls performed their latest title track “Alcohol-Free” for the opening. Twice then performed “First time,” “Scandal,” and “I can stop me.” They also played some games with their fans during the fun meeting. 

After the fun meeting, we had a zoom press conference with the girls. We met Jihyo, Nayeon, Momo, Sana, Mina, Dahyun, Chaeyoung, and Tzuyu. Unfortunately, Jeongyeon was not available at that time as she was encountering health problems. 

Twice reveals what concept they want to try next

Twice has been trying different concepts since their debut, I asked the members what concept they want to try. Chaeyoung then answered that she wants to try the “Queen” concept while Nayeon answered that she wants to try the “Disney Princess” like concept. Surely, whatever the concept they will slay it! 

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They also shared their favorite concept so far. For Nayeon it was “Cry for Me,” for Jihyo it was “Dance the Night Away,” while for Tzuyu she likes “Feel Special” the most. 

The members couldn’t believe when they entered the Billboard’s chart Top 10

TWICE makes Billboard 200 history with the debut of “Taste Of Love” in the top six, becoming the first mini-album by a female K-pop act to enter the top ten. 

Nayeon then recalled, “When we first heard the news, we couldn’t believe it and as much as we were surprised, we were also really thankful. We also realized that there are so many ONCEs all over the world, so we really want to go meet them after the COVID pandemic ends.” 

Twice looks forward to meeting Filipino ONCEs

COVID-19 has greatly impacted the whole world. One of the most affected is the entertainment industry. Arena and Coliseums were forced not to operate. For fans, concerts and fun meetings are some of the best events ever. And because everything is unclear, we don’t know when the offline concerts and fun meetings will take place. 

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Chaeyoung expresses, “It’s already been 2 years since we’ve had our concert in the Philippines. We really want the COVID to end soon so that we can do a concert tour and meet our Filipino ONCEs, and when we get to visit the Philippines, we want to travel and eat some delicious local foods.”

The girls want listeners to be cheered up by their songs. Momo said, “When they are going through difficult times, we hope they can be cheered up by listening to our fun and energetic songs. And we have various songs of different themes and feelings, so we hope they can listen to our songs according to the theme or vibe they’re feeling.”

For now, we are #TeamBahay. Let’s wait for the perfect moment to see our girls performing live on stage! 

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