5 of Running Man VS. Production Team episodes that will make you laugh

With their distinctive combination of athletic events and outrageous humor, the hugely popular Korean variety show Running Man has won fans all over the world.

And if you’re looking for something to re-watch or you’re a new runner, here are 5 episodes of Running Man against Production Team’s challenging each other, featuring cast members and production team members that have amazing chemistry together, hilarious antics, and limitless new challenges.

Episode 580

In this episode, the members agree to the production team’s challenge since the time has finally arrived. In order to see who receives penalties, both teams will play a series of games. One doesn’t always get what they want during negotiations, but one does receive what they are able to negotiate.

The members competes with the production team for the right to determine the Running Man team’s penalty after a series of missions.

Episode 452

Given the fact that the winner of this event determine the fate of Running Man’s first fan meeting in South Korea, it takes on added significance and becomes extremely competitive. They compete with the production team to finish three missions in five hours without receiving three fail stickers so they can choose their own choreography for the group dance performance.

Screenshot from Running Man episode 452

Episode 365

It’s another episode of Running man vs production team. With the launch of their new project, “Half-and-Half Tour,” the staff has selected a variety of places to travel to. The group will go one step closer to taking that risky trip if they lose.

Screenshot from Running Man episode 365

Episode 341

In this episode, the members square off against the staff. A bigger likelihood of victory will go to the team with more running balls. A staff member’s home will be used as the members’ resting spot if they win, but one of the members’ homes must be sacrificed if the staff wins.

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Episode 178

Members gather at the office this morning in a furious protest and complain to the staff during this episode. But as Jo PD explains the ongoing war between the cast and the staff that is what those year-end agreements are about.

The group then encountered a gigantic Jenga tower on their first mission, where one player would sit on top while the others had to take out four pieces each to win. They’ll have to cross the Han River in 30 minutes for the following mission, which is the return of the cardboard boat race. A single ball chooses the winner of the final mission’s simple lottery.

Among the ones listed above, which one is your favorite, and which would you recommend new runners to watch? And if we missed another fun episode, feel free to comment down below!

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