Running Man casts successfully held their 1st fan meeting in Manila!

Last April 1, 2023, at the Mall of Asia Arena, finally, Running Man casts came here to Manila to meet PH Runners. It was a long 3 years of waiting due to the cancellation of the event but, the waiting game is over and it was all worth the wait!

Let us take a look back on the performances of each member and relive the moment that we all have been waiting for.

The opening song was titled Missing You, a song from the K-pop boy group BTOB. Running Man members sang this heartfelt song that made almost everyone cry! It felt like the members were comforting us with every lyrics and saying how much they missed us!

The first solo performance was from no other than one of the maknae-line, Yang Sechan. He performed the song Artist by Zico. It was a song that hyped up everyone. Sechan’s energy was amazing that makes you want to join the groove too! He also said that he hopes his Mom could see how the fans are cheering and loving him here in Manila.

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Next is a solo performance that shocked the whole arena, as the veteran singer Jee Seokjin sang a Tagalog song titled Ikaw by Yeng Constantino. His accent, each word, and his pronunciation are all on point! It seems like Tagalog is his mother tongue!

Running Man’s maknae Jeon Somin, performed a song from 2PM titled My House. Somin showed how sexy and romantic the performance can be. She was so pretty and it was oozing throughout the performance!

Fourth solo performance of the night was by no other than Yoo Sanseul, the alter ego of Yoo Jaesuk! The song Redevelopment of Love was first performed by Jeasuk at his other show Hangout with Yoo, under Yoo Segment. This was an outstanding performance that we never really thought of seeing! But, it was so amazing that will truly make you scream your lungs out! Yokshi! Yoo Jaesuk, Jjang!!

Next was a 10 minutes performance by Haha ft M. TySON. Felt like it was never ending and a solo concert! The crowd was really hyped up with his songs Reggae Smash, Dang Diggi Bang, and Don’t Laugh. Who’s with me when I say that if Haha comes to Manila again for a solo concert, we will surely be there! That is how great of a performer Haha is.

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Song Jihyo wouldn’t be missing out on all this fun as she performs Rollin’ by Brave Girls. Jihyo was amazingly beautiful, stunning, and a fan service queen throughout the fan meeting. She dances so gracefully and so sexy but looks innocent. Young Jihyo in the house!

Last but not the least, Kim Jongkook, who first debuted as a member of the South Korean duo, Turbo. The song he performed was Easy on Me by Adele, and WOW! it sounded so easy for him to sing even though all the high notes of this song were on point! It felt like a slow, poetic, storytelling of how he is performing. He also performed one of his songs titled One Man.

Dance performances run after the solo stages as Jihyo and Somin performed Love Dive by Ive. Jaesuk, Jongkook, Haha, and Sechan danced to New Thing by Zico.

Song performances by Haha and Jongkook, Raise Your Voice. While, Jaesuk, Seokjin, and Somin performed Confession of Your Love. Also, Somin and Sechan sang All For You. In addition, Seokjin and Jihyo also performed Don’t by Hwasa and Loco.

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Ending the fan meet was encore performances and fan service by Running Man members. Jongkook’s song titled Loveable, as well as the song I Like It and Busan Vacance were part of the encore.

Photo opportunity and interaction between the artists and the fans filled the venue as they bid their goodbyes and said that they will surely be back again in Manila.

The fan meeting lasted for more than 3 hours and the members repeatedly said that they will come back! So PH Runners, let the iponing starts, and see you again at our next meeting. Race to Running Man in Manila 2.0 Start!

This event was bought to you by Pulp Live and Happy Hour. The event was hosted by Kring Kim and Ryan Bang. Thank you, Running Man!

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