Here’s why you should watch HaHa Bus!

Singer & Entertainer HaHa and his wife, Singer Byul alongside their three kids Dream, Soul, and Song started a family travel program showcasing the beauty of South Korea using their customized cute green HaHa Bus.

The travel project is for Ha Song who has thankfully recovered after fighting a rare disease called Guillain-Barré syndrome. Song explodes with unique charms and chemistry with every people she meets on the show!

The show’s main highlight is the famous green bus that was once an old bus. They revamped it into a camper bus that will make precious core memories for the Ha family. It even has a little cafe that is managed by barista Byul! She makes any drinks that can be served that’ll fit the visitor’s taste.

You’ll see the family’s incredible charm as they communicate and get attached to local people from different walks of life, try different local food, and hang out with celebrities as they babysit the adorable kids!

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HaHa Bus is a comfort and healing show that will make you forget your stress in life, and will remind you to make the best memories while you can.

We’re always cheering for cutie Song and the entire Ha family! Hwaiting!

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