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“Running Man” shares preview video featuring “Itaewon Class” stars Ahn Bo Hyun and Lee Joo Young

Running Man, South Korean variety show under SBS, shared some of the clips in April 12’s episode!

The show will feature Ahn Bo Hyun and Lee Joo Young who recently starred in JTBC’s Itaewon Class.

They will be accompanied with other celebrities, such as Ji Yi Soo and Song Jin Woo.

In the preview video, after introducing to the viewers the four guests, they are in the boxing ring trying to showcase their strength and agility.

After that, the cast members and guests are whispering to each other trying to figure out who among them is the devil.

It also shows Lee Kwang Soo defending himself stating, “I’m not, I’m really not. This is truly a misunderstanding.”

While Ji Suk Jin seriously points to another team and said, “There’s definitely a devil over there, no matter what.”

Moreover, the 32-second preview shows that the guests are really trying and struggling to figure out the real devil in the team.

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Amidst the struggles as the competition intensifies, they are all enjoying and the excitement draws into their faces.

Furthermore, the next episode of Running Man will air on April 12 at 5PM KST.

Watch the said preview below:

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