HALLYUWEEN PH 2022: A night to remember for Filipino K-Pop fans!

The morning of Hallyuween 2022 was greeted by the intense wind and rain brought by Tropical Storm Paeng.

And even a storm can’t stop Filipino K-Pop stans and P-Pop stans from participating in the first K-Pop-themed Halloween experience here in the Philippines!

Fans dressed up uniquely to express and impress! And PULP has prepared exciting events to prove that Halloween celebrations can be fun and memorable too!

Kicking off the party with queens and a popular band

The celebration opened with performances from Filipino drag queens—Lady Gagita, Lady Morgana, and Minty Fresh. They were all well-received by the crowd, with loud cheers as they sang along to their numbers. 

Drag Queens performing at Hallyuween 2022
L-R: Lady Morgana, Minty Fresh, and Lady Gagita opens the show

Afterwards, everyone was quick to notice that the Korean band, Kave with Gaho, were next! Gaho was full of energy as he started his set with Start Over, to which K-drama fans sang along.

Gaho and Kave open their set with Start Over

Their lead guitarist, Jisang, even stunned the audience with his solo performance! 

Gaho and Kave ended their set with their own arrangement of BLACKPINK’s How You Like That. Gaho even expressed a desire to return soon to meet their fans once more! 

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K-Pop and P-Pop idols take turns greeting the audience

The K-POP group PENTAGON was the third artist to perform. Their Universe (fandom name) doubled their energy to welcome the group after five years.

Pentagon performs Feelin’ Like

They performed some of their hits: Feelin’ Like, Beautiful Goodbye, and ended with Shine, which made everyone from the crowd bust some moves!

Following PENTAGON, it was the P-Pop stans’ turn to shine as BGYO took over the stage. 

BGYO opened their performance strong with The Light! The ACEs were all supportive of their faves until they performed their last song, Magnet. It was a lovely scene to witness as K-Pop and P-Pop fans were supportive of each other.

BGYO greeted their ACEs with The Light

K-POP group, KARD, balances the line-up with their mixed-gender members. Fans were all in awe as the group understood the assignment, appearing in full Halloween costumes! BM was a sexy skeleton, Somin was a lovely Catwoman, Jiwoo was a pirate, and J.Seph was a handsome vampire.

KARD performing Oh NaNa

They opened their performance with Ring the Alarm. The Hidden Kards surely showed up as they threw their full support to the group as they continued their performance. Their set was followed by their popular hits Oh NaNa, Don’t Recall, and Dumb Litty, to name a few. 

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Everyone is in high spirits as Epik High appeared!

One of the sunbaes, Epik High, joins the lineup to infuse some Korean Hip Hop at the party. NO THANXXX, the trio’s opening act, has all the Pinoy High Skool standing and jumping around. Burj Khalifa and One followed soon after.

DJ Tukutz surprised everyone with his impressive moves. As a crowd favorite, upon hearing the beat of Born Hater, everyone was thrilled to hear the song live! 

Epik High signing an exclusive Hallyuween shirt before throwing it to the audience

One lucky fan even received a signed shirt from Tablo, Mithra Jin, and DJ Tukutz!

The crowd makes way for a queen, CL

As the show’s headliner, CL impresses the crowd with her strong entrance! The audience went crazy (and nostalgic for sure) upon hearing 2NE1’s I Am The Best. CL’s Spicy spiced up the crowd for her opening song. Some of her well-known tracks, such as HWA, THE BADDEST FEMALE, Chuck, and Doctor Pepper, were all included in her performance. 

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She ended her set with Hello Bitches!

DJ Soda ended the night with her amazing set

To maximize the party experience, renowned Korean DJ, DJ Soda, readied her amazing set to keep the crowd dancing all night! She was also rocking her spider girl outfit and happily danced and cheered with the audience. 

Despite the stormy weather, fans who attended the event made an effort to be in their Halloween costumes. They even received a special shout-out from CL, who announced the winners. Prior to the start of the event, several K-Pop fan clubs distributed special freebies to all attendees of the concert! 

Hallyuween 2022

It was indeed a fun night where everyone got to cheer for all the guests. A night where music is highly celebrated and valued. It was definitely a night to remember, and history in the Philippine concert scene has been made.

Congratulations to Inang, the whole Pulp team, and to everyone who made this event possible! We’re looking forward to Hallyuween 2023!

Still on Hallyuween PCD phase? We got you bes! Here’s the playlist to relive the memories:

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