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PPOPCON EXTRA: Experience the Fun Virtually

To prepare for their incredible performances at the first-ever PPOPCON last April 9 and 10, 16 PPOP groups gathered together hosted by Black Star Entertainment.

PPOP Convention and PPOP Concert was held to take place as part of the aforementioned event last April 9 and 10 at New Frontier Theater and Smart Araneta Coliseum, respectively.

Image Source: PPOP Convention

PPOPCON EXTRA allows fans who couldn’t make it to the event to still enjoy themselves virtually!

PPOP Convention

The convention was a fan gathering and celebration of Filipino pop culture and music with performances by well-known and up-and-coming PPOP acts, fan engagement activities, and booths!

Fans of various PPOP groups stopped by their favorite artists’ booths at the event to pick up freebies and official items! Additionally, the fan bases arranged several entertaining games and activities that were enjoyed by all.

DIONE, CALISTA, R RULES, DAYDREAM, PPOP GENERATION, G22, KAIA, and VXON are among the artists who performed at the convention.

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PPOP Concert

Fans can’t wait for more after two days of thrilling concerts, community building, and celebrating the growth of PPOP Convention.

The concert at the Araneta Coliseum took place on Day 2 of the event. It is one of the first live performances and audiences since the pandemic’s beginning.

The concert featured performances by a number of artists, including 1ST.ONE, PRESS HIT PLAY, ALAMAT, 4TH IMPACT, BINI, BGYO, MNL48, SB19 and more!


Without a doubt, PPOP is on the rise! And now, PPOPCON is back for a short time with PPOPCON EXTRA after the success and due to popular demand.

Image Source: PPOP Convention

With remastered concert with English subtitles, 2-day convention highlights, rehearsal clips and exclusive interviews AND never-before-seen footage, and more!

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