WATCH: KAIA exhibits a dynamic aura in the MV of their debut single “BLAH BLAH”

Finally, KAIA is here!

PPOP group KAIA officially debuted with their newly released single “BLAH BLAH.

KAIA is a new girl group introduced by ShowBT in 2021, followed by their pre-debut single “KAYA” uploaded last December.

Photo credits: KAIA

The making of “BLAH BLAH” single

The official music video is said to be about a “powerful first love.” The members exhibit their talent and creativity in aspects of singing, dancing, and songwriting in BLAH BLAH as the single is written by KAIA themselves.

As per KAIA’s Sophia, all of them did their best and poured their 100% effort into this official debut.

…even when one of us gets stuck in writing, the other four members make sure to help out when needed. That being said, our closeness and dedication made us more comfortable and confident in writing BLAH BLAH,” said Sophia.

Their debut single BLAH BLAH belongs to the beginning of a new chapter as they took steps in their journey of becoming a PPOP group that also aims for the rise of PPOP.

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What motivates KAIA?

Annyeong Oppa had the opportunity to ask what motivates them on their journey to becoming PPOP artists. KAIA shared that they acknowledged the hardships and struggles of each member as this became one of the reasons why they pursue their dream as a PPOP group.

They added that they are inspired by their family and the members themselves, and more importantly, the people who believed in them. According to Sophia, “‘yung KAIA stans din po namin. Kasi without them, wala kami sa kinatatayuan namin ngayon.

Alexa also added that their love for music is what motivates them.

We enjoy music and we also wanted to share [po] our own music that can be enjoyed [po] by the people who will listen to it.

KAIA’s Alexa


As of writing, the official MV of “Blah Blah” already surpassed 100k+ views and has also been spotted as #17 on trending music on YouTube.

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Watch the official music video of BLAH BLAH here:

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