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16 PPOP groups to showcase #PPOPRise in the first-ever PPOP CON happening this April!

Brace yourselves for a #PPOPRise2022 in this first-ever PPOP CON!

16 PPOP groups joined forces in preparation for their amazing performances in the upcoming and first-ever PPOP CON this April 9 and 10.

The said event is set to carry out a PPOP Convention on April 9 and 10 at New Frontier Theater, as well as a PPOP Concert on April 10 at Smart Araneta Coliseum.

The First-Ever PPOP CON

The lineup of convention performers includes DAYDREAM, G22, VXON, KAIA, R Rules, DIONE, PPOP Generation, and Calista. Moreover, PPOP groups that will dominate the stage in the PPOP concert are Bini PH, BGYO, MNL48, Press Hit Play, 1st.One, Alamat, 4th Impact, and SB19.

PPOP CON press con
Photo credits: PPOP Convention’s Facebook Live

During the 2022 PPOP CON press conference, the said PPOP groups answered questions and shared their insights and excitement for the upcoming event.

When VJ Ai, the press conference’s host asked about their perceptions of the future of the PPOP industry and the influence of PPOP CON on PPOP fanbases, SB19’s Pablo answered that he believed that there’s strength in numbers.

“… and I believe someday, maitatalaga na talaga [or] magkakaroon talaga ng PPOP as a genre, na makikilala all over the world.”

SB19 Pablo

Meanwhile, 1st.One’s Ace acknowledged the role of PPOP fans in promoting PPOP groups and the industry. As per Ace, “… PPOP groups can only do so much to make PPOP rise, but the ultimate weapon of PPOP to rise will always be the fans.”

The above-mentioned 16 PPOP groups are set to showcase their performances to PPOP CON attendees.

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Furthermore, the main aim of this event is “to connect local and international P-POP music fans and artists, help in building a strong global P-POP community,” as per PPOP Convention.

For further details, visit PPOP Convention’s official social media pages to know more about booths, activities, performances, and surprises this April 9 and 10.

Be part of this momentous event and celebrate #PPOPRise. Support PPOP groups and artists!

You can purchase your PPOP Con ticket here.

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