It was a night to remember for South Korean actor, Ro Woon upon visiting the Philippines to meet his fans through Globe Kmmunity. The Mall of Asia Arena is a full house to meet the dashing idol-actor.

The fan meeting happened on June 26 and fans of actor Ro Woon as well as his FANTASYs were present. The night is filled with loud cheers, giggles, and memorable memories that each fan will surely cherish.

Here’s a quick highlight of what happened throughout the event:

Fun-filled Kmmunity Events for K-Tizens!

The gates opened at 1 PM allowing fans to enjoy the various Kmmunity booths inside the arena. Exciting merchandises await them such as planners, shirts, and photo cards! Fans also had a great time meeting new fellow fans as they explore the different booths together.

Annyeong, Ro Woon Oppa!

The pre-show started at 5 PM hosted by Kring Kim. Some games were held for selected fans where they are challenged to showcase how much they know, love, and appreciate Ro Woon!

Of course, fans didn’t have to wait for a long time as Ro Woon finally greeted them. He was shocked by the huge and loud crowd that welcomed him. Ro Woon admitted he was very overwhelmed as he didn’t expect that there are a lot of Filipino fans waiting for him.

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Globe Ro Woon

Experiencing a little bit of Filipino culture

Since this is Ro Woon’s first visit as a popular star here in the Philippines, Kmmunity didn’t waste the opportunity to let him experience the Filipino culture. First, he started by speaking some Tagalog phrases!

“Sa Globe Kmmunity, kay ganda ng araw-araw!” – Ro Woon

Afterwards, he tried wearing Filipino traditional clothing called Barong. It was a sweet treat for his fans because he had a short costume change on stage! He was elated as he waved to all the crowds present on stage.

Just like any other Korean stars who visited Manila, they cannot pass on trying out Filipino food! And with Ro Woon, he tried Turon, Puto Bumbong, and Taho. He loves Taho so much that he wishes he can bring it back to Korea!

A bit chitchat with fans

During the program, some fans of Ro Woon were allowed to ask him for some life advice. A lucky fan who was about to celebrate their birthday got a special greeting from the actor that surely made their birthday an unforgettable one.

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One of the questions asked is about how he copes when things are troubling him. As for Ro Woon, he mentioned that he loves struggles. Instead of being affected by it negatively, it’s best to acknowledge that you’re experiencing it. That way, you can be more at ease and feel better.

Also, he had a great time playing Pinoy Henyo and tried his best to guess some questions!

From Kmmunity to Ro Woon

A fan meeting wouldn’t be successful without a fan project! For Ro Woon’s visit here in Manila, Kmmunity and Ro Woon’s fans teamed up to prepare a special video for him. It’s also a double celebration as Kmmunity celebrated its third anniversary!

Ro Woon was deeply touched by the heartwarming words his fans prepared for him. To leave a special memory with his fans, Ro Woon serenaded the crowd with No Goodbye In Love. It is one of the OSTs from his previous drama, The King’s Affection.

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How can we say goodbye if Ro Woon made us swoon over him during this fan meeting? We wished the time stopped during this event! All fans who were present had a new memory to cherish and the same goes for Ro Woon.

It was nice meeting you, Ro Woon! We hope you come back soon!

Thank you also to Globe Kmmunity PH and Happee Hour for this amazing event!
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