We cannot deny the fact that most Filipinos are still wishing to enter South Korea visa-free. Of course, visiting various shooting locations, attending concerts, and appreciating Korea’s beauty is on top of their list. However, the world went on pause during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Fast forward after two years, and South Korea has finally opened its borders! And as a treat to their Filipino tourists, they can now come back again to select areas in South Korea visa-free!

Check out the following condition if you can enter the country visa-free:

Direct Flight to Jeju

Jeju Island welcomes tourists of any nationality and enjoys the beautiful scenery of Jeju! They are given thirty (30) days to explore the island and experience the culture there.

Conditions: Tourists must book a roundtrip ticket directly from their origin country and Jeju.

Group Tours via YangYang International Airport

This is the most recent way to enter South Korea without any visas. Unlike Jeju, tourists who enter South Korea via YangYang airport have access to the Seoul Metropolitan area and Gangwon province! Yes bes, you can visit Seoul!

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Condition: There are no direct flights from Manila to YangYang, and only group tours are allowed for this. Korean Embassy has released their partnered travel agencies and you can check them here.

So are you planning to visit South Korea soon bes? Make sure to check if you are eligible to enter the country visa-free!

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We hope we can help you on your visit!

Also, keep in mind that upon visiting South Korea, you need to practice safety protocols still and have a Q-Code with you.

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Featured Image from Kim Daejeong from Pexels.

(Updated July 2023.)

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