NCT Dream, Key, WEi, Alice, and fans come together for a historic event!

Without a doubt, we all miss attending offline events. Apart from the performances, I miss hearing the loud cheers and seeing the fans’ happy faces. Meeting their idols is definitely a dream come true for fans.

A little bit of flashback: in the year 2020 a lot of Korean acts were scheduled to meet the fans in the Philippines. We are so happy that the Philippines is getting recognized by a lot of Korean groups.

However, as we did not expect the pandemic to happen, we all got stuck up in our homes and of course, all scheduled events got canceled or postponed. Moving forward, Korean entertainment started to offer online events so that the fans can still meet their idols. We experienced attending online concerts, fan meetings, and fan signs.

During the pandemic, this is also where most fans decided to collect photocards. Not gonna lie, it’s fun but nobody compares it to live events. Breathing the same *polluted* air with your bias, shouting your heart out even if you don’t know the lyrics. We feel most alive when we are in a concert. 

Now, in this new normal, Korean events are slowly coming back. After over two years we can now gather again in a venue to meet our idols.

With that, on May 13, CDM Entertainment announced that SHINee’s Key, NCT Dream, WEi, and Alice would perform at the Araneta Coliseum in Manila for a special event titled “Begin Again: K-Pop Edition” on May 29. True to the name of this event, it signals the start of events and for everyone to begin again. 

Before the concert started fans are already shouting their faves names. I really missed this moment where we can shout since it was banned due to safety protocols. As soon as the light went black the ocean of lightsticks overpower the coliseum. Seven girls got on the stage signaling that the concert was about to begin. 

Alice dazzles the coliseum

As soon as we see seven girls on the stage, we knew ALICE was the first artist to perform as they are the only girl group in the line-up.

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Even before the song started the fans are already cheering for the girls. AH YEAH! Alice members EJ, Do-A , Chaejeong, Yeonjae, Yukyung, Sohee, and Karin.  opened the stage with “This Is Me”, this upbeat song is enough to hype the whole coliseum.

Alice formerly known as Elris performed in Manila during the K-Pop World Music Festival 2019. The group said that they missed Filipino fans during their ment. The group then have a mini-game wherein one of the consequences is to do a random play dance, Sohee danced to BTS’ “Dynamite”, and to Red Velvet’s “Red Flavor”.

Photo courtesy of CDM Entertainment

One of my favorite parts of their set is when they performed “Summer Dream”. Aside from what they performed last 2019, this may be an anthem for the Filipino supporters and Alice that night. It’s a song about yearning for a summer dream to come true, which was achieved for BLRIS when they met Alice on May 29.

Moreover, the girls also performed “We, First”, “Power of Love”, “No Big Deal”, and “Jackpot”.


WEi composed of Jang Dae hyeon, Kim Dong han, Yoo Yong ha, Kim Yo han, Kang Seok hwa, and Kim Jun seo hit the stage next. These energetic boys open their set with their debut track “Twilight”.

Fans inside the coliseum were amazed by the charisma and overall appeal of the boys. With strong dance performances and rap lines,  WEi is not afraid to bring it on as they performed “All or Nothing”.

Photo courtesy of CDM Entertainment

RUi’s are in for a treat as WEi did the consequences of their Crocodile Dentist game. Daehyeon and Junseo did “I Miss You” aegyo version, which surely captured the hearts of the fans inside the Araneta. 

They also danced to Monsta X’s “Love Killa”, and BTS’ “Dynamite”. Even if it’s their first time here in Manila as a group, the fans are in full support and enjoying the set of WEi. The group also thanked Filipino fans for the love and for the warm welcome. Continuing the energy, the group showcased their talents with “Bye Bye Bye” and “Super Bumpy”. 

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They also performed the fan-favorite and WEi’s latest title track “Too Bad”. The only thing that’s TOO BAD is the fact that it’s their last song from the set. The song concluded WEi’s performance but we are all looking forward to more songs from WEi. 

NCT Dream and Czennies shine brighter

Youngest Double Million NCT Dream returned to Manila after two years! NCT Dream is the last K-Pop group to perform in the Philippines before the pandemic started.

Just before their comeback with “Beatbox”, NCT Dream members Renjun, Jeno, Jaemin, Chenle, and Jisung met their Filipino fans. Czennies are all out for the Dreamies as the teaser of the boys plays on the LED screen. They can’t help but stand and shout while waving their lightsticks. The coliseum was illuminated in green. This is already the third time NCT Dream performed in Manila. 

Photo courtesy of CDM Entertainment

They are the one! NCT Dream is literally making the venue hot as they opened the stage with “Hot Sauce”. Coming next is a very special performance for Filipino Czennies. As soon as the sofa was put on the stage, it hinted that NCT Dream will perform “Dive Into You”. It’s special as this is the first time the group had performed the song overseas. Their voices were really soothing, especially Chenle. With big dreams, NCT Dream then performed “Hello Future”. This masterpiece reminds me that we can always look forward that life will be better you just need to believe, keep dreaming, and make the impossible possible.  

Furthermore, The members also gave a sample of their upcoming song “Beatbox.”. The group performed “Glitch Mode” last.

However, NCT Dream promised that they will come back to the Philippines again, which made the entire coliseum shout. 

Remember this life with Key!

Everyone in the Araneta Coliseum will surely remember May 29, 2022. SHINee’s Key owned up the stage and cemented his name as an overall performer. Dressed in black and white, Key fired up the stage with “Saturday Night”. He is really a perfect idol.

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Aside from his many abilities, his attire and facial expressions were fantastic. He is having fun on stage and has captivated the attention of the audience.  He then shared that he wanted to return to the country together with SHINee, which we all are waiting for! 

Photo courtesy of CDM Entertainment

Moving on the set, Key showed off his mesmerizing vocals with “Helium”, also from his first mini-album. Going to a song from his first album FACE, Key then hyped up the whole Araneta with “This Life” making sure that everyone will remember the day. The song reminds you to think about yourself first. And life may not be easy but that’s life.

Inside the venue, everyone enjoyed this song and this changed the whole feels. Life is a celebration so you must choose yourself every single day even if you don’t feel like it. 

Before his set comes to an end, he asked the fans what are the songs they wanted to hear. Shawols then shouted “Ring Ding Dong”. Key granted the wish of the fans so he performed a little bit of the song. He also asked for another song, this time it was SHINee’s debut song “Replay”. For Shawols, this song will always have a special place inside their heart. The fans sing along with Key. Replay, replay, replay~

The last song for the night was Key’s latest title track “Bad Love”. This may be the last song but it gave us hope to see SHINee again in the Philippines! 

We thank NCT Dream, Key, WEi, Alice, and of course the fans for the historic day. Also, we would like to thank CDM Entertainment for the invite and for making this concert possible. 

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