5 Korean Actors with Villain Roles That Will Make You Fall in Love!

A terrifying and ruthless villain is somewhat all a K-drama needs to keep it captivating and exciting to watch. Villains frequently give thrilling action and the frantic hope that they will not endanger the main characters’ happiness.

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There are numerous actors playing villains in K-dramas, but here are just a few characters who will make you angry during the series but make you fall in love with how the actors portrayed them!

The Heirs’ Choi Youngdo (2013)

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Choi Youngdo, played by Kim Woobin, is a bully. He is dreaded by his peers, whom he bullies, because of his shrewd intellect and volatile demeanor. He’s a bully, but he has a tender heart that he has erroneously safeguarded.

Gap-dong’s Ryu Tae-oh (2014)

In Gap-dong, Lee Joon played Ryu Tae-oh. With his haunting glances and frightening smirks, he effectively portrays the villain.

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The absence of emotions he felt while hunting down his victims, as well as the satisfied look on his face after they were killed, were both shocking and mesmerizing for the viewers!

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Hello Monster’s Jung Sunho (2015)

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Park Bogum’s portrayal of Lee Min or Jung Sunho in this drama won him a lot of fans. He feels ignored since he believes his brother abandoned him when his father was murdered. He became a horrible guy, yet there’s still a vulnerable side to his character.

Duel’s Lee Sunghoon (2017)

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Yang Sejong acted as Lee Sunghoon. His character goes on a murder spree while blaming his terrible crimes on his twin, Lee Sungjoon. He’s a cold villain, but he’s also wonderfully attractive. It was difficult not to have a crush on him!

Vincenzo’s Jang Hanseo (2021)

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Kwak Dongyeon plays the character of Jang Hanseo, who was compelled to manage the Babel Group by his villainous brother, Jang Junwoo. Even though his personality was initially irritating, he now holds a special place in our hearts for his devotion and loyalty to his hyung!

Are there any other villains that are unforgettable that make you fall? Share it with us in the comment below!

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