6 Reasons why you shouldn’t miss “The Forbidden Marriage” starring Kim Young Dae, Park Ju Hyun, and Kim Woo Seok

Torn between watching or not watching the recently ended series, The Forbidden Marriage? it is your sign to start watching it now mga bes!

Here are 6 reasons why The Forbidden Marriage is a must-watch series.

1. A Webtoon-based Drama

It is a webtoon-based drama that tells the story of King Lee Heon who lost his crown princess 7 years ago, because of that incident he issued a marriage ban in Joseon. One day, he crosses his path to a swindler named Sorang who pretends that she is possessed by the late crown princess’ spirit.

This is so perfect for those who love watching webtoon-based dramas. This drama is really fun to watch the whole casts are so charming, the story is so interesting as well.

2. Kim Young Dae‘s Second Leading Role

Following his rom-com series, Shooting Stars here’s Kim Young Dae playing his second lead role as King Lee Heon. Once again, he proved that he’s a versatile actor, he’s perfect for this role, and looks good wearing a king’s robe. Everything about him is perfect for the King’s role.

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Moreover, he received recognition for his role here, an Excellence Award, and Actor in a Miniseries at the 2022 MBC drama awards last year. I say, well deserved!

3. Park Ju Hyun’s Adorable Character

A big round of applause for Park Ju Hyun for playing the role of Sorang. I must say that she’s good at playing comical roles, the last time I saw and laughed hard at her role was in her drama, Zombie Detective. Her acting is so good and she’s adorable as well!

She also received an Excellence Award, Actress in a Miniseries at the 2022 MBC drama awards last year for her role here.

4. Park Ju Hyun and Kim Young Dae’s Perfect Chemistry

Park Ju Hyun and Kim Young Dae’s chemistry is so crazy! be it comical or romantic chemistry, they can make your hearts flutter! from the beginning up to the last episode, their chemistry is so overflowing.

It’s so fascinating how love can heal deep wounds. You must witness how the king falls in love with a swindler who claims that she is possessed by the late crown princess’ spirit. Is it confusion or real love? This is something you shouldn’t miss!

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5. Second Lead Syndrome

It’s another second lead syndrome again!

Kim Woo Seok plays the role of Lee Shin Won, a royal guard who protects the king. He loves Sorang but Sorang wants them to stay friends, it’s so heartbreaking to hear these words from him, “I’ll hide these feelings well, I’ll suppress them, so they don’t show through.” He’s so kind and so charming as well, that’s why I fell in love with his character here.

In addition, he will star as Sim Yeong in the upcoming historical drama again titled, Our Blooming Youth.

6. A 12-Episode Series

If you don’t want a series that contains plenty of episodes, this series is best for you as it contains only 12 episodes.

Stop hesitating and start watching it now!

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