Get to know Kim Woo Bin including his dramas and movies!

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One of the in-demand actors in the Korean entertainment industry is the prominent actor Kim Woo Bin.

He received high-praised not just from the local citizens of Korea but also internationally, because of his good looks and great portrayal giving justices to his roles.

Kim Woo Bin definitely won the hearts of many people and have been receiving lots of love and support all throughout his acting career. But who wouldn’t love this precious human though?

If you want to get to know Kim Woo Bin more, below are the ten things about him:

1. Born in the Cancer season

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Kim Woo Bin whose real name is Kim Hyun Joong was born on July 16, 1989 under the astrological sign of Cancer.

The name Kim Woo Bin was just his stage name, but because he doesn’t want to be called in his real name, he eventually changed it to Kim Woo Bin in 2011.

2. Raised by strict parents

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He was raised by his strict mother who is running a writing academy for quite a long time now. His dad owns and manages a coffee shop named Cham in Coffee located in Jeonjun.

Moreover, he knows how to speak Mandarin.

3. Began his career as a runway model

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Since he was a little kid, he wanted to become a model, and fortunately, he did achieve his dream and debuted as a model in 2008. He gained the spotlight in the modelling world after he appeared in the 2009 Seoul Collection.

After that, he received numerous offers from different high-end fashion brands and walked in the runway bringing their names. He even became the first East Asian Calvin Klein ambassador in 2015, which made him popular in the western countries as well.

4. Acting debut in 2011

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In the midst of his modelling career, he debuted as an actor in the psychological thriller drama White Christmas in 2011 as Kang Mi Reu.

His acting career did bloom afterwards building a name in the high-rated Korean dramas such as School 2013, The Heirs, and Uncontrollably Fond.

5. Opposite from his characters

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If you will notice, most of his character roles are rebels having abhorrent traits, bad grades, and rough personality. But in real life, Kim Woo Bin was good in his studies, not best at fighting in school, and never tried to ran away from home.

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Although, his real life story is the exact opposite of his drama roles, he still amazingly portrayed the characters as if he was living the same way. The audience will eventually get carried away on his acting ability that proves his undeniable talent in this field.

6. Best friends with Lee Jong Suk

Kim Woo Bin and Lee Jong Suk have been friends since their debut as a fashion models. They then both rose to fame as the actors of this generation by playing lead roles in KBS drama School 2013.

7. Relationship with Shin Min Ah

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Kim Woo Bin have a long year relationship with South Korean actress Shin Min Ah. They met each other at the advertising set for a clothing brand in July 2015, and eventually became lovers in the same year.

They are showing love and support to each other throughout the years. The two have been facing numerous obstacles and even test Kim Woo Bin’s life as he was diagnosed with cancer in May 2017.

That obstacle didn’t stop them from loving each other, because up to the present time, they are getting stronger holding each others’ hand. Indeed, a powerful couple!

8. Diagnosed with Nasopharyngeal cancer

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A saddening news uproared in May 2017 when Kim Woo Bin’s former agency Sidus HQ released an official statement that he had been noticing something abnormal about his body.

Upon checking up, he was diagnosed with Nasopharyngeal cancer and decided to go on hiatus to focus on his treatment and recovery.

As time passes by, the actor is getting better each day and said to have recovered from the said illness. He resumed his activities on November 21, 2019 by appearing as a presenter at the 40th Blue Dragon Film Awards. He also narrated the MBC documentary program Humanimal.

In the year 2020, he dazzlingly covered the Esquire Korea’s July issue magazine with his charm and will be back in the big screen as he will be part in the upcoming sci-fi movie Alien.

9. Signed under Shin Min Ah’s agency

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Kim Woo Bin signed under AM Entertainment on February 10, 2020, the same agency of his long-time girlfriend Shin Min Ah.

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10. Interest in flowers and trees

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After being in hiatus for around two years, Kim Woo Bin shared his new found interest in flowers and trees. He used not to be interested in trees and even hate going to the mountains but he’s so much into it now.

Other than that, he also enjoys finding out what species they are. He uses an app called Moyamo where he can took a picture and upload it, then many users will comment the flower’s name helping him to learn about the species and the names.

Moreover, aside from his traits and professional life, let us also explore his major drama and movie appearances!


Master (2016)

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An action film about crime investigation team who teams up to hunt down a company that involves in a massive fraud case.

Kim Woo Bin is playing the character of Park Jang Goon, the section Chief of the said company who serves as the brains behind their doings.

Twenty (2015)

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Twenty is about the three 20-year old individuals who have been friends since high school. They will explore the possibility and changes of life.

Kim Woo Bin portrays Chi Ho’s character who has a girlfriend but keeps on pursuing other women.

The Con Artists (2014)

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The Con Artists is an action film that tells the story of an elite safecracker (Kim Woo Bin) who works with other hackers to steal valuable diamonds at a high-end jewelry store.

Friend: The Great Legacy (2013)

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An action drama about a man named Joon Seok who was sent to prison because of his involvement in Dong Soo’s death. However, he meets Dong Soo’s son in the prison and decided to keep his identity a secret. They planned to join forces outside the prison but everything’s change when Dong Soo’s son finds out the truth.

Kim Woo Bin plays the role of Sung Hoon, Dong Soo’s son. He was raised by his mother and surrounded by his mother’s gangster friend that leads him to become a gang member as well. Moreover, he doesn’t have any memories of his deceased father.

Runaway Cop (2012)

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Runaway Cop is an action comedy film that tells the story of a dedicated but a clumsy detective who takes up a challenge to become a runaway model in 60 days and will also go undercover to solve criminal cases.

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Kim Woo Bin will play as model Woo Bin.

Drama Series:

Uncontrollably Fond (2016)

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Uncontrollably Fond is not your typical romance Korean drama. It tells not just the love story of two individuals but also the struggles of both complete and single families, and most importantly the story of a person who wants to live and value the true meaning of life.

Kim Woo Bin plays the main lead role as Shin Joon Young, a top actor who tries to find the girl he dearly loves.

The Heirs (2013)

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The Heirs tells the story of a diligent high school girl who does different part-time jobs to help her mute mother and supports her older sister’s studies in America.

She unexpectedly steps in the world that is way different from hers. The world of the rich people who do not worry anything up until the future.

Kim Woo Bin definitely gives us the second lead syndrome as he plays the character of Choi Young Do.

School 2013 (2013)

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School 2013 tackles the story of Seungri High School that ranks as one of the worst high schools in Seoul based on academic scores. They are now busy preparing to uplift their school.

Kim Woo Bin plays as one of the student in Seungri High School named Park Heung Soo.

Gentleman’s Dignity (2012)

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Gentleman’s Dignity is about the professional and romance story of four men on how they will deal with it.

Kim Woo Bin plays the role of Kim Dong Hyub.

White Christmas (2011)

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White Christmas is KBS drama special series about a prestigious private high school named Soo Sin located in the mountains of Gangwando.

Built in an isolated area, the students and staff stay in the dormitories. They studied their heart out and only have eight days of vacation in the entire school year.

Kim Woo Bin is playing the role of Kang Mi Reu.

Other cameo roles:

To The Beautiful You (2012)

Vampire Idol (2011)

Which movies and dramas did you watch Kim Woo Bin? What is your favorite among the list? Comment your answers below!

Let us all continue to support and love Kim Woo Bin!

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