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ICYMI: Nam Joo Hyuk in talks to star in upcoming webtoon-based drama!

Manifesting another drama for Twenty Five, Twenty One star Nam Joo Hyuk soon!

It was confirmed on April 20 by Nam Joo Hyuk’s agency, Management SOOP, that the actor had received a casting offer to star in the upcoming webtoon-based drama, Vigilante and he is reviewing it affirmatively.

Nam Joo Hyuk received an offer to portray the role of vigilante Ji Yong who tries to find his parents’ enemies and punishes the criminals.

The said webtoon was released in 2018 that depicts a story of a police university student named Ji Yong who lost his mother when he was young to a local gangster.

He then hunts down criminals every weekend.

This will be his next drama following his hit coming-of-age drama, Twenty Five, Twenty One if he accepts this offer.

Stay tuned for more updates mga bes!

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