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16 Things Things You Probably Don’t Know About Park Bogum

Eight years since his debut in 2011, Park Bo Gum continues to remain among the most loved korean actors of recent times.

He gained a lot of fans from all spectrum by surprising the audience everytime with new sides of him that we have never seen before.

1. His name means “Precious Sword”

When his mother was pregnant of him, she has this illness that required her to take medications. Fearing that these medicines will affect her child, Bo gum’s parent considered aborting him. In the end, they chose not to so they gave him a name that means “Precious Sword“.

2. He was ‘arrested’ in Namibia

During the filming of Youth Over Flowers in Africa with actors Ryu Jun Yeol, Go Kyung Pyo and Ahn Jae Hong, Bo gum was arrested by the local police for not stopping on a road checkpoint while driving. It was a funny and sad anecdote during that trip as it was Bogum’s first time on the driving duty.

3. He accidentaly crashed their rented car during YOF Africa filming

After being held by the local police the night before, Bo gum decided to take courage and be the first driver of the day. Unfortunately, his confidence dropped further after he managed to crash the backside of their car on a wall seconds after hitting the gas pedal. This becomes so funny when you know that he has a Class 1 license.

4. ‘Choi Taek’ Bogum is the real deal

Among all the characters that he had played so far, his character in Reply 1988 as genius baduk player Choi Taek is really the closest to his real-life personality. He is really a well mannered guy who is very filial to his family. His natural clumsiness is also very evident.

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5. He was once pranked by Red Velvet’s Irene on live broadcast

During an April Fool’s Day broadcast of Music Bank, Red Velvet’s Irene decided to prank Bo gum by pretending to faint during the live broadcast. Watch his epic reaction below:

6. He never had a formal portrait with his family

During their filming during Youth Over Flowers in Africa, he was crying when he revealed to Ryu Jun Yeol that his family never had the chance to take a complete family portrait. He regrets it the most especially after his mother passed away when he was in 4th grade.

He shared that he have a lot of childhood pictures because his parents loved taking pictures of him. Sadly, they didn’t take pictures of them together. His manager also revealed that this was very important to him. That’s why during his study time in Europe, he went to all the places that his parents went to before and took a picture of himself at the place.

7. He loves taking the subway

He always say that he loves taking the public transport especially the subway. Unfortunately, his current popularity makes this very difficult. But back when he was still a rising actor, there were actually pictures of him taken by fans.

cr: korean online community
cr: korean online community.

8. He now has a degree in Musical Theater

During his recent hiatus, he was able to finish his degree in Musical Theater in Myongji University. He was the music director for his graduating class’ production “Hairspray”.

9. He was once an exchange student in Europe

While studying in Myongji University, he was chosen to be an exchange student in Europe where he met other exchange students from other countries. They became close and even travelled to England, France, Italy and Switzerland.

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10. He is a highly – skilled pianist

Bo gum started playing the piano when he was just five years old. That’s why he really dreamed of being a musician. He was the pianist in his church choir and still plays the piano for his choir group once in a while.

He also learned playing the cello for his role in Cantabile Tomorrow.

11. His childhood dream was to become a singer – songwriter

It was a well-known story how Bo gum debuted as an actor. He sent a video of himself singing while playing the piano to different talent agencies. After being signed, he was then adviced by Sidus HQ that he’ll do better as an actor and the rest is history.

12. He loves eating

It always surprises people when they learn that Bo gum is actually a “big eater”. He loves eating and he actually looks happy while eating that he’ll make a very successful mukbang.

13. He was one of the few Music Bank hosts that lasted for more than a year

Together with Red Velvet’s Irene, their era as hosts of KBS’ Music Bank is considered to be one of the bests. Their great chemistry really gave the show continously high viewership ratings as the people were also watching the hosts. Their cute couple outfit was also anticipated every week.

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14. He and Lee Hyun Woo will pass off as twins

One thing that also helped in making people remember Bo gum is the fact that he looks very much alike Lee Hyun Woo. Hyun Woo is a well known child actor so many people already know him, that’s why when Bo gum debuted in the film Blind, he was somehow confused by people with the former.

15. He is a very good swimmer

He was actually a part of his middle school’s Swimming Varsity team. During the reward trip of Love in the Moonlight in Cebu, his co-actors really praised his swimming abilities. He also mentioned one time that he would like to have a diver’s license.

16. The “Park Bogum Effect” is real

After Moonlight Drawn by Clouds, Bogum’s popularity went off the charts. The Korean Business Research Institute even conducted a study on Bogum’s high brand reputation. This led to the coining of the term “Park Bo Gum Effect”.

The results proved Bogum’s high effectivity as an endorser for all demographics. This was also proven everytime he appears as a guest on a variety and the episode ratings immediately peaks.

Watch the videos below and see Bogum’s earliest CF’s up to his recent ones.

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