6 Korean Variety Shows from Netflix that you should be streaming right now!

We can all agree that watching Korean dramas is a roller coaster ride. Some series played with our emotions big time so sometimes, we are on a quest to find a show that will rinse off our feels.

Netflix has a wide range of Korean shows that will keep the hallyu fans exploring their platform even more. The platform also offers exclusive Korean variety shows for the hallyu fans to explore.

Netflix Korean Variety Shows

If you are looking for a variety show to keep you entertained after a heartbreaking or stressful K-drama, check out the following list below!

1. Busted!

Busted! (TV Series 2018–2021) - IMDb

The series comes in three seasons. Kicking off with the first season, top detectives with unique traits come together to solve mysterious crimes. The storyline progresses as they proceed to identify the killer that’s related to several cases they’ve solved.

Surprise missions, plot twists, and secrets are to be revealed throughout the three seasons.

Watch Busted! here.

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2. Single’s Inferno

When will new episodes of Single's Inferno come out? - DailyNationToday

Single Korean ladies and gents are invited to an island called Inferno. They will stay in the island for nine days and eight nights to mingle with each other. In some days, they are given the opportunity to stay in a luxurious hotel, Paradise. While staying at the hotel, they can ask more personal questions to know their partner better.

Stream the steamy Single’s Inferno here.

3. Twogether

Twogether (TV Series 2020– ) - IMDb

The program is starred by Lee Seung Gi and Jasper Liu. The two stars travel to Asian cities where they are given special missions to meet their fans. Despite having troubles understanding each other’s language, they find a common ground to make their trip memorable and worthwhile.

Catch their adventure here.

4. New World

New World (2021) - MyDramaList

Top Korean celebrities are invited to a new world, Utopia, and everything they wished for is provided. They are given some virtual money that they can freely spend during their stay. However, several twists and turns will surprise the members staying in Utopia. Some secrets are to be revealed and some wallets are to be emptied.

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Enter the New World adventure here.

5. Paik’s Spirit

Paik's Spirit (TV Series 2021– ) - IMDb

Star chef Baek Jong Won hosts a drinking session with popular Korean stars in various fields. In this Netflix Korean variety show, it showcases the country’s drinking culture featuring their different alcohol. Guests are in for an exciting treat with stories about their life and career with some booze.

Ready your drinks to binge-watch the series here.

6. The Hungry and The Hairy

The Hungry and the Hairy (TV Series 2021– ) - IMDb

Korean superstar Rain goes on an amazing roadtrip experience with Roh Hung Chul, his bike-buddy. The two embarks on a journey with their big bikes as they explore Korea’s local scenery and cuisine. Stories about their budding friendship and food encounters are shown in this series.

Go on a roadtrip with Rain and Hung Chul here.

Hoping this list will give you some good vibes whenever you need a break from your K-dramas or life in general!

Enjoy streaming!

Images are from Netflix.
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