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Dreams, challenges, and failures: Lessons to remember from “Touch Your Heart”

What are the things that you must remember in pursuing your dreams, overcoming challenges, and understanding the essence of failures? Take some of your time to read and reflect on these remarkable lessons from the 2019 K-drama, Touch Your Heart.

A 16-episode Korean drama based on a web novel starring Yoo In Na and Lee Dong Wook who also worked together in the 2016 K-drama, Guardian: The Lonely and Great God.

The drama revolves around the life of Oh Yoon Seo (Yoo In Na), an actress popularized by her appearance who lacks acting skills. Two years after getting involved in a scandal that affected her career, she was required to work in a law firm for three months as the secretary of Kwon Jung Rok (Lee Dong Wook), an unsympathetic attorney, to prepare and gain experience for her comeback as the lawyer female lead of a drama series.

Pursuing your dreams

  • Dreams don’t end the moment you achieved these for there are cases when you should fight for what’s right despite its effects. Like what Kwon Jung Rok mentioned, turning blind eyes and covering ears must not be done because doing nothing for once will surely turn twice.
  • If one day you realize that you’re not as good as you expected yourself to be in a field that you thought you would be best in, be determined in learning new things that would let you excel than to treat this as a sign to give up on your dreams.
  • Nothing is embarrassing when you wanted simple things that don’t seem to favor other people’s preferences, especially if it concerns your want to be loved, be back to the state you once were in, or achieve personal goals in life.
  • In attaining your dreams, being desperate to immediately get higher positions may happen but you need to remember what Kim Se Won (Lee Sang Woo) always says– no matter how busy a person is, health should also be taken care of.
  • Every opportunity matters.
  • Some people will not question your intentions of choosing what you wanted to attain the most. If they judge you, then it’s not your dreams that must be changed but the people you surround yourself with.
  • Taking a risk for your dreams then get pressured about the possibility of losing it is an unfortunate experience but you should keep in your mind the reason why you started for you to realize that the worse scenarios must not be the place that you should stop at.
  • At some point in your life, you will learn to do the things you weren’t accustomed to and that’s part of settling on what will let you achieve the things you wanted.
  • You should be grateful for the small and big achievements you receive and reflect on the importance of its meaning like how Oh Yoon Seo started appreciating her popularity awards because it’s also hard to let other people like you.
  • You are unique and this lets you have your weaknesses to work on and strengths to sharpen that proves that each person needs to master individual role.
  • No one exactly knows if forming your plans through mere imagination will let it happen or not, but if it’s what keeps you going, continue doing it.
  • The passion to do and be great at what you truly wanted to pursue will always be natural in you.
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Overcoming challenges

  • Choose to rest than to quit for everything will soon be all right. Just hang on a little longer and the hardships you’re currently facing will make you a better person.
  • You need to accept and understand that changes happen even if you need to undergo a tough process because the important thing to consider is to not further burden yourself by being narrow-minded or staying in your comfort zone.
  • In life, you will always receive criticisms for the decisions you make, but you should stand like a rock similar to what Kwon Jung Rok did because not holding onto what should be prioritized will affect the way you value yourself and your abilities.
  • There are situations that you shouldn’t avoid but if that’s what makes you feel better then go for it, however, carry with you the thought of preparing to take full responsibility when you face it again.
  • No matter how challenging it is to know that others have high expectations of you, remember that it will somehow help you along the way but you should never focus on it.
  • Just like any challenge, protecting someone should be seriously handled as it’s a matter of determining who and what will be risked for the other that also includes yourself.
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Understanding the essence of failures

  • Failures are the sign that you are trying, thus, continue to be motivated to rise after each fall like what Yeon Joon Kyu (Oh Jung Se) keeps on doing.
  • In the end, it will be your victory when you start accepting and reflecting on your previous defeats.
  • Experiences let people grow.
  • Unfortunate situations are normal and in every misery that you face, you should see the slightest reason to be happy for being fortunate enough to have it as your life experience that will also let you see the real characters and intentions of people towards you.
  • You can let your failures leave something in your life that could either be memorable lessons useful for future purposes or a space in you that will take too much effort to fill once again.
  • Similar to what happened to Dan Moon Hui (Park Kyung Hye), you will only succeed in changing if that’s what you wanted to do and not by simply changing to impress other people.
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  • It would be good to choose a Dan Moon Hui for your life who will always remind you of how worthy you are as an individual and Oh Yoon Seo who will always support you, but it would be great if you also choose to possess the characteristics that they have.
  • What Kwon Jung Rok believes in is just right as the suspects must be the ones to suffer from the difficulties caused by their wrongdoings and not their victims.
  • Yang Eun Ji (Jang So Yeon) stated that she’ll pretend to not recognize and ignore love if it ever comes along again, and it’s saddening to know that she will hold onto it despite sacrificing her feelings similar to what other people do to not complicate things.
  • You cannot control others’ emotions but you can understand and accept these as these should be considered the same way you recognize yours.
  • Jealousy, although understandable that it cannot be kept when you like someone, must be left at home due to its irrelevance. Instead, do what the couples in this drama did– trust each other and do not waste time feeling unnecessary emotions for the past happenings should not be a burden to the present.
  • Hate comments will hurt and sting from time to time like what Oh Yoon Seo experienced. For this reason, if you could appreciate people by giving compliments, you should, for this will show great relevance as it stands as an assurance of a person’s worth for who they are and for what they’re doing.
  • It’s just wonderful to have a Kwon Jung Rok in your life because Oh Yoon Seo is perceived as an unreachable star but still fell on his hands and he’s good enough to let her stand out without intentions of outshining her.

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