Ryu Hye Young sends food truck support to Lee Hyeri’s “Frightening Cohabitation” filming set

Ryu Hye Young expressed her love and support for Lee Hyeri by sending food truck support to her filming set.

Girl’s Day’s Lee Hyeri posted a photos of her looking so genuinely happy on her official intagram account on January 11.

Hyeri said on her post that she is thankful for her eonni (older sister or female friend) Sung Bora (Hye Young’s character in Reply 1998).

She is happy to have a sandwich there and also said that her Hye Young eonnie is the best.

Hye Young responded to Hyeri’s post with sweetness and care saying :

“Aw its cold, hurry go back inside”

First banner reads,

“Because of you, because of you, I’m going crazy, Dam.

Because of you, because of you, I’m Going crazy, Hyeri.

I’m looking forward to Frightening Cohabitation. Heart, heart”

Second banner reads,

” I’m cheering on my Dongsaeng (little sister or friend) Hyeri and the Frightening Cohabitation team!

From Hyeri’s eonni, Ryu Hye Young”

Who will ever forget their iconic roles as Sung sisters on the hit series Reply 1988?

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Hye Young and Hyeri are former co-stars in the awarding winning series Reply 1988 wherein both of them played the role of Sung Bora and Sung Duk Seon.

Lee Hyeri is currently filming for Frightening Cohabitation alongside with Jang Ki Young and scheduled to premiere within the first half of this year.

Hye Young will be starring in upcoming Legal drama Law School with Kim Myung Min, Kim Bum and Lee Jung Eun and will set to premiere within the first half of this year as well.

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