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5 Things You Should Know Kim Min Jae

Of all the nurses that you will see in the Kdrama world, Nurse Park Eun-tak from Dr. Romantic’s Doldam Hospital will definitely catch your sight. He is not only reliable, but also good looking, specially when his dimples appeat whenever he smiles. Also, he won’t hesitate to speak his mind when he believe that people are being unjust. Surely, he will make his way into your heart even without you noticing it.

Park Eun-tak is portrayed by South Korean actor, Kim Min Jae.

Park Eun-tak (Romantic Doctor)

Now, let’s get to know who Nurse Park really is.

1. Born in Anyang, Gyeonggi, South Korea on November 01, 1996, Kim Minjae entered Korean show business as an Actor and Rapper.

2. He joined Show Me the Money Season 4 and goes by the name of He was also known as one of the Three Flower Boys along with One and Vernon of Seventeen during their audition for the show.

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Watch the video below to see his audition on the show:

3. He is also recognized as a Yeo Jin Goo and Song Joongki look-alike.

4. Prior to his acting career, he was an idol trainee during his freshman year in high school. He used to train with A.C.E’s Jun, Donghun and Wow.

He had shown his rapping abilities in one of his Kdramas, Hit The Top where he played the role of a son who wants to be an idol but his father, who was a manager for a small talent agency, wanted him to become a civil servant with a regular monthly income. In the said drama, he performed the song “Dream” which showed off his great rapping skills and wonderful husky and deep voice. Watch his performance below:

5. Aside from being a rapper, he was also well-known in the Kdrama world as a promising rookie actor. He had played several roles that showed his versatility as a young actor. He even won the SBS New Star Award last 2016 for his role as Nurse Park Eun-tak for Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim Season 01.

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He played as a idol trainee who pursues his dream diligently in Hit The Top, a matchmaker in Joseon Era for Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency, A rich playboy in The Great Seducer, a King in Goblin and his most memorable role, a nurse in Doldam Hospital for Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim which is now ongoing on its second season.

Lee Jihoon (Hit the Top)
Lee Sejoo (The Great Seducer)
Ma Hoon (Flower Crew)
Wang Yeo (Goblin)

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  1. He’s so talented as in. I’m a fan since 2020 and I will continue to support him. Hwaiting Min Jae-ssi!!!!!! <3

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