Woo Do Hwan confirms to enlist in military this July!

South Korean actor Woo Do Hwan is confirmed to enlist in the military next month!

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An official from the entertainment industry announced on June 24, “Woo Do Hwan will join the military on July 6. He will continue his acting activities after completing his military duty.”

Moreover, late afternoon of June 24, Woo Do Hwan personally posted a message on his Instagram account.

Trans: Hello, I am Woo Do Hwan. I’m sure you’ll be surprised, but I’m writing this letter because I wanted to tell the fans first that I will join the army on July 6th.

I’m sorry that I couldn’t meet you in person. I was happy with every piece of undeserved love you sent to me. Thanks to you, I was able to have a happy 20s.

I hope you are healthy and happy when you have a hard time. I’ll come back safely and greet you in a good shape. I love and thank you beyond words. 2020 06. 24 ·

Keyeast, Woo Do Hwan’s agency, officially released a statement saying:

Hello, we are Keyeast.

Keyeast actor Woo Do Hwan will join the army on July 6, 2020.

Due to safety and health reasons, the place and time of enlistment are closed to the public, and he would like to quietly enter the military without any official events such as farewell greetings or press conferences with his fans.

Please support us so that we can fulfill our national defense obligations in good health.

Thank you.

Woo Do Hwan recently starred in the Netflix’s original series The King: Eternal Monarch where he gained the title of Unbreakable Sword.

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After the said successful drama, he received numerous drama offers and one of the under positive reviews is the upcoming OCN drama Hero.

Keep safe and serve your country well, our dearest Unbreakable Sword. We will wait for you!

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