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Lee Sung Kyung drops special dance collaboration video with Kim Min Jae

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It’s ‘ X Biblee’ dance collaboration! We didn’t see this coming, right?

Lee Sung Kyung shared on March 30 the dance collaboration video with Kim Min Jae on her official YouTube channel.

They showed a smooth yet powerful dance moves in the video and they also have that chemistry when dancing together.

Prior to this, Lee Sung Kyung and Kim Min Jae both shared a surprised teaser on their official Instagram accounts that made all fans thrilled and excited.

Aside from being a versatile actor and actress, Lee Sung Kyung is a great singer while Kim Min Jae is a charismatic rapper — they are indeed a talented artists.

Furthermore, they are a former co-stars from the medical-hit drama Romantic Doctor 2.

What can you say about their performance? They did a great job, right?

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