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LOOK: Upcoming Sci-Fi Film, “Alien” starring Kim Tae Ri, Kim Woo Bin and More Unveils Main Poster and Trailer

Another Sci-Fi film is coming, are you all ready for this?

On May 3, CJ ENM shared the official poster and trailer of the upcoming two-part Sci-Fi film, Alien starring the star-studded cast members namely Kim Tae Ri, Ryu Jun Yeol, and Kim Woo Bin, So Ji Sub, Honey Lee, Jo Woo Jin, and Yeom Jung Ah. 

The poster features the stunning characters with the huge spaceship that travels between the Goryeo Dynasty and the present time behind them.

Ryu Jun Yeol portrays the role of a Taoist named Moo Reuk who is determined to get the legendary sword. Kim Tae Ri who recently starred in Twenty Five, Twenty One plays the role of Lee Ahn, who can shoot thunder.

Furthermore, Kim Woo Bin who is currently starring in Netflix’s drama, Our Blues transforms into a guard who is in charge of escorting alien captives.

So Ji Sub who has an upcoming medical-legal drama plays the role of a detective named Ma Do Seok who ends up getting chased by aliens.

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Lastly, two gods of Samgak Mountain, Heuk Seol, and Chung Woon will portray by Yeom Jung Ah and Jo Woo Jin.

The story of Alien takes place when the gates of time open between the Goryeo Dynasty where the Taoists want to seize the legendary sword and in the present time where there are hunters of alien prisoners imprisoned in a human body.

Alien Part 1 is set to premiere this summer.

Watch the extraordinary official trailer here:

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