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Girls Planet 999′ debut group and the final line-up have been revealed!

On October 22, Mnet’s audition survival program ‘Girls Planet 999’ has come to an end.

Planet Master, YeoJin-goo revealed that the new girl group will promote under the name ‘KEP1ER’ pronounced as /KEPLER/.

Photo courtesy of Kep1er on Facebook

The first trainee made to the final cut was Sakamoto Mashiro from J-group at No. 8 with 708,149 points.

Sakamoto Mashiro

Next was Ezaki Hikaru another member of J-group at No. 7 with 713,222 points, followed by Kang Ye Seo at No. 6 with 770,561 points.

Ezaki Hikaru
Kang Ye Seo

Meanwhile, Seo Young Eun placed at No. 5 with 781,657 points.

Seo Young Eun

Followed by Kim Da Yeon at rank 4 with 885,286 points, and Choi Yu Jin at No. 3 with 915,722 points. 

Kim Da Yeon
Choi Yu-Jin

Furthermore, there are two candidates for first place, Kim Chae Hyun and Huening Bahiyyih.

Kim Chae Hyun received the most votes in Korea, making her be in the 1st spot. Garnering 1,081,182 points.

Kim Chae Hyun

Meanwhile, Huening Bahiyyih with 923,567 landed as 2nd and got the most votes from 115 countries around the world.

Huening Bahiyyih

The final member announced and to complete the debut group was Shen Xiao Ting and the only member survived from C-Group with 700,663 points.

Shen Xiao Ting

It is also reported that the group will be introduced to the public by December this year and will be presented by WAKEONE and Swing Entertainment.

Congratulations and the planet guardians all over the world are rooting for you!

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Girls Planet 999

Is a survival program produced by MNET early this year in replacement with PRODUCE Series.

To achieve the dream of becoming a K-POP idol, 99 girls from KOREA, CHINA, and JAPAN have come together to Girls Planet.

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