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Netflix unveils poster and trailer for upcoming series ‘D.P.’

Netflix revealed the official poster and trailer for their upcoming action series ‘D.P.’!

‘D.P.’ stars Jung Hae In and Koo Kyo Hwan, who will play the roles of An Jun Ho and Han Ho Yeol, respectively.

The upcoming Netflix series follows the story of Deserter Unit members who are tasked to track down fellow soldiers who abandoned their posts.

In this poster, we see the D.P. team members outside their military bases looking like civilians. It is a part of their duty as Deserter Unit members and they are allowed to wear regular clothes and even grow out their hair.

Despite their normal appearances, they are on duty to hunt down military deserters.

Meanwhile, An Jun Ho is a new addition to the team and still adjusting to the military rules. Corporal Han Ho Hyeol is very experienced, thus, he is very calm about the mission.

The two will work together, investigating, looking for clues, and stake-outs just to find the military deserters.

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Although they may have differences, good teamwork and chemistry will help them accomplish their mission.

In the trailer that was released, we can see the two in action while hunting down the deserters.

To easily track down the deserters, Corporal Hyo Hyeol suggested that they should put their shoes in the place of the deserters to better understand them.

However, Jun Ho realized that the investigation tends to be more twisted as more unpredictable happenings appear before them.

The two eventually began to question the acquaintances of the deserters. As a result of this, Jun Ho experienced mixed feelings as he found out about the reasons for the deserters.

The stories they encounter while looking for the deserters will definitely touch our hearts and minds.

You can watch the trailer below:

Are you excited to watch ‘D.P.‘? Make sure to catch it on Netflix on August 27!

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