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K-drama recommendation: “He is Psychometric”

He is Psychometric is about a boy named Lee An (Park Jin Young) who acquired a special psychometry ability after jumping from a burning apartment with another boy named Kang Sung-Mo (Kim Kwon). After the incident, Lee An was able to read someone’s memory with a touch of his hand. Both Lee An and Kang Sung-Mo’s parents died because of the tragedy.

Kang Sung Mo became a prosecutor; once settled, he looks for Lee An. While Lee An tries his best to enter the police force to help save the world with his brother using his ability. Accidentally, he crossed path with Yoon Jae-In (Shin Ye-Eun) who thought that he was a pervert, but later on proved that it was all a mistake.

Yoon Jae-In was always on the run whenever her classmate finds out about her father, who was serving in prison because of the murder and the fire that broke out in the apartment complex where Lee An, Kang Sung-Mo, and Yoon Jae-In were living.

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The three of them tries to find justice for everything that had happened to them. But then, the same events happened again and the truth behind their past starts to show itself. Are they ready to know the truth? Are they strong enough to handle the truth when they come face to face with it?

My Thoughts:

If you are a Nancy Drew or Hardy Boys Fan, you will love this. This crime-mystery drama will keep you by the edge of your seats. This drama went way beyond my expectations. I thought it would be just a simple story, and I never expected for it to be so interesting and mind boggling. So many times, it left me hanging, curious of what would happen next.

Park Jinyoung did a very good job in his acting here as it came out naturally. He was the perfect actor to portray Lee An and I just love his chemistry with Shin Ye-Eun.

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Kim Kwon— new oppa alert! I don’t know but there is something about his “cold on the outside, warm on the inside” attitude that I really find attractive. He is so good in this drama although it took me a while to understand his character. I would really love to see more of him.

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