Getting to know the lead actors of Thai series “Until We Meet Again,” Fluke and Ohm

Until We Meet Again is a Thai series that revolves around the love of Korn and Intouch that transcends their lifetime, which leads to Pharm and Dean meeting each other with the red string that connects them. Pharm, the reincarnated Korn is played by the actor Fluke Natouch Siripongthon, also known as Fluke, and Natouch.

He debuted as an actor in the movie Grean Fictions that was released in 2013. His performance helped him land a starring role in the movie My Bromance in 2014. The film received positive reception from the audience which helped him be known not only in Thailand but in other countries as well.

Before being casted in Until We Meet Again the Series, he played a young man who encountered an amnesiac vampire in the movie Red Wine In the Dark Night last 2015.

Meanwhile, Dean, the reincarnated Intouch is played by Ohm Thitiwat Ritprasert, an actor and model, also known as Ohm.

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His acting debut is through the drama Lying Heart in 2017 with a supporting role. After several supporting roles, he was casted as the main role in Until We Meet Again the Series last year.

He was also chosen to play the main role in the 4-episode drama Love, Lie, Haunt that was aired last February 2020.

Have you watched Until We Meet Again the Series, bes? If not yet, go watch it now and you will surely love their characters.

Fluke and Ohm with the other cast members will also be coming here in the Philippines for a fan meeting Let’s Meet Again: Until We Meet Again 1st Live and Meet in Manila 2020. For more details and ticket pricing, check this article.

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