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Sweet and Sour: Experience Love’s Different Flavors

Have you experienced the “Sweet and Sour” flavors of love?

Photo credits to Netflix and Sweet and Sour Official Film

The casts and director of Sweet and Sour sat down with the press to talk about the anticipated Netflix film. Together, they answered some of the most in-demand questions about working together and their feelings toward the movie.

Sweet and Sour concentrates on the sweet love between Jang Hyuk (Jang Ki Yong) and Da Eun (Chae Soo Bin). As the story unravels, it reveals the sour side of relationship with Bo Young (Jung Soo Jung) entering the picture.

As highlighted by its director, the film is a realistic portrayal of the moments when people fall in love. Which Chae Soo Bin agreed, by saying, “There are various emotions when going through a relationship, and it’s something that resonated with me”.

Jang Ki Yong also shared his first time reading the script, “All of the characters are very vivid. I think we can make it more fun and entertaining.”

On the other hand, the casts also shared their thoughts on Jang Hyeok (Jang Kiyong) and Jung Daeun’s (Chae Soobin) failing relationship.

“They are in a long-distance relationship as Jang Hyeok is striving to do his best at work. Although tired, he goes the distance just to see Daeun,” Ki Yong explained.

“However, Daeun feels like Jang Hyeok is no longer happy defying the distance,” Soobin playfully added.

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Furthermore, “I’m sure Jang Hyeok is tired, but so is Daeun.”

“We’re both tired. That’s why Daeun just hopes that they’ll be more considerate of each other,” she explained.

Photo credits to Netflix and Sweet and Sour Official Film

Soo Jung also shared what kind of character is Boyeong, “She is a chic and cool character.”

“She’s frank with her own emotions, but she has a goofy side,” she added.

In addition, she also affirms her similarities with her character, like being passionate and workaholic.

Talking about Boyeong, Soo Jung reveals she had to resonate the bad girl aura.

“Boyeong knows Jang Hyeok and Daeun’s relationship, but still, she hits on him. That may not appear okay with most people, but I wanted to show the loveliness of Boyeong in her own way.”

Meanwhile, Ki Yong reveals how his character finds it hard to shun away from Boyeong’s aggressiveness.

“He does feel intrigued by her,” he added.

Photo credits to Netflix and Sweet and Sour Official Film

Moreover, Director Lee Kae Byeok also dishes out how he wanted a contrast of characters between Daeun and Boyeong.

They are both attractive but Soo Bin is in on the lovelier side, while Soo Jung is chic. This difference will greatly account for the shaky relationship.

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To sum up, here are more interesting answers from the Q&A:

Question: Out of the three characters, which character do you relate the most?

Soo Bin: “I think I relate most to my character, Daeun, but I won’t have the same choices as her.”

Ki Yong: “I relate most to Jang Hyeok because a lot of my actual self are being reflected in him.”

Soo Jung: “I could relate to all the characters. The same way as I will be on Daeun’s side when they’re fighting.” “In understand where they’re coming from.”

Question: What taste do you think love is?

Soo Bin: “I’m going with Sweet and Sour.”

Ki Yong: “I would say, salty and sweet.”

Soo Jung: “Triangular Kimbap. There are different flavors of these kimbaps, but you have to open it to see what flavor they are.”

Photo credits to Netflix and Sweet and Sour Official Film
Question: What was your first impression of each other? How was the chemistry?

Soo Jung: “When I met Ki Yong, he’s rather reserved and not very talkative.” “As we got closer, I felt we had great chemistry.”

“Unfortunately for Soo Bin, we don’t have any scenes together. So we would get together after filming, during dinner.”

Ki Yong: “When I first met them for the first time, I felt like they we perfect for their roles.”

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Soo Bin: “I have to say our first impression is good. There’s not a lot of sweet scenes, so I tend to treasure those happy scenes the most.”

Question: What are some of the lovable and non-lovable aspects of your character?

Soo Bin: “She’s very considerate of others. She thinks a lot of how others feel.”

“Her weakness is she’s not honest about her emotions.”

Ki Yong: “Jang Hyeok is sweet and kind. His weakness might be neglecting of Daeun.”

Soo Jung: “Boyeong lovable aspect would be her character.” “I really haven’t thought about her weakness.”

Question: For Ki Yong, you appeared in a lot of romance genre. Where there any concerns?

Ki Yong: I feel like the romance genre is difficult. Sweet and Sour is a little different since this is such as realistic film. Rather than being concerned, I am excited to portray a grounded character and I felt comfortable.

Question: For Daeun, what emotions do you want people to feel?

Soo Bin: Daeun’s situation and struggle are something we can all relate to. We all have different realities, but similar situations.

Question: For Soo Jung, this is your second film. How would you differentiate the two? What new aspects we can expect from you?

Soo Jung: This is the first commercial and romantic comedy film I did. All of my characters are my age, so the bright energy is really evident and I really like that.

Will their love have an expiration date?

Make sure to check Sweet and Sour as it premieres on Netflix this June 4 at 3PM PHT!

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