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‘Check your love’s expiration date.’ Watch the teaser for Sweet and Sour premiering on Netflix this June 4

Following the news about the release date for Netflix Original film Sweet & Sour, the streaming entertainment service has released the film’s official trailer.

You can the teaser below:

The trailer has us piqued by posing the statement “Check your love’s expiration date”. Is the relationship between Jang Hyeok and Da-eun already on the rocks? Or will Bo-yeong’s assertiveness towards Jang Hyeok turn into something more? We have to wait a few more weeks to find out. This teaser definitely amps up the excitement as we wait for the premiere of Sweet & Sour on Netflix!

The film stars Jang Ki-yong (Jang Hyeok), Chae Soo-bin (Da-eun) and Krystal Jung (Bo-yeong). Directed by Lee Gae-byeok and produced by KTH, 26 company, Sweet & Sour will join your Netflix viewing roster on June 4.

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