5 irresistible reasons why you should watch “Sweet & Sour”

Does love really have an expiration date? Netflix’s newest original, Sweet & Sour might have the answer.

This romantic comedy film offers a refreshing romance and loads of sugar rush.

Aside from its interesting plot, here are five more reasons why you should the watch movie, Sweet & Sour.

1. All love started sweet,

Clearly in love, Jang Hyeok (Jang Kiyong) and Jung Daeun (Chae Soobin) enjoy their time together. Like most new couples, the lovebugs just keep on crawling.

Without a doubt, it is a phase of pure bliss and sweetness taking Jang Hyeok and Jung Daeun into a euphoric kind of romance.

Photo Credits : Netflix & Sweet and Sour official film

2. but sometimes, it gets really sour.

As the official trailer shows, their love is tested by misunderstanding and stress, but mainly, because of a girl named Han Boyeong (Krystal Jung).

Boyeong is a chic, daring woman who competes with Jang Hyeok for the same corporate position.

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Although hard to admit, Jang Hyeok is facing a temptation that may strain his relationship with Daeun.

Is he falling for his officemate? Is their love weaker as they ought it is to be?

Therefore, we advise having your tissues ready people. This might be fun and painful at the same time.

Photo Credits : Netflix & Sweet and Sour official film

3. Realistic Romance

A relationship is no fairytale. One moment it’s magical, then villains will come haunting your castle.

Likewise, Sweet & Sour effectively delivers the reality of being in love. The movie unveils the imperfections and expectations of commitment.

Moreover, it conveys dealing with stress, pressure, desire, pain, and heartbreaks whether there are two or three people in a relationship.

4. Long Distance Love

“Is it tiring to be with me?” – Jung Daeun

Taking the story to a much relatable sense, Jang Hyeok and Jung Daeun had to be in a long-distance relationship as he receives a good job opportunity.

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Although trying, their once sweet love will slowly turn to be a sour one as their hearts grow apart.

5. Powerhouse Casts

Starring Jang Kiyong, Chae Soobin, and Krystal Jung as the leads, Sweet & Sour is filled with talented actors and actresses loved by many.

Make sure to set your alarm on June 4, at 3PM PHT as Sweet & Sour premieres on Netflix.

Also, do not miss the film’s official trailer below!

Source: Netflix Philippines

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