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Netflix’ “Sweet Home” confirmed to be released on December 18!

Upcoming drama “Sweet Home” confirmed to be released on December 18 through Netflix.

Netflix’s original series, “Sweet Home,” produced by Studio Dragon, co-produced by Studio N, directed by Lee Eung Bok, written by Hong So Ri, Kim Hyung Min, Park So Jung, tells the strange and surprising tale of Hyun Soo, a lonely high school student who lost his family due to an accident and moved to a new apartment, and his encounter with the monsters, who are trying to wipe humanity.

“Sweet Home,” a 10-episode VFX/SFX filled thriller, is based on the popular webtoon “Sweet Home,” written by Carnby Kim and illustrated by Hwang Youngchan, and it’s a mega-project in collaboration with director Lee Eung Bok, the man behind the world-famous dramas “Mr. Sunshine” and “Goblin.”

Song Kang
Courtesy of Netflix

Song Kang, the first to challenge this genre, would turn itself into the opposite image of Sun Oh in his previous Netflix original series, “Love Alarm,” demonstrating a powerful transformation of his image.

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He will play Hyun Soo an introverted high school student.

Lee Jin Wook
Courtesy of Netflix

Moreover, Lee Jin Wook, who starred in “Nine: Time Travel Nine Times” and “Voice 2,” is a former detective, Pyeon Sang Wook, whom everybody misunderstands as a gangster.

With a scar-covered face and a hidden history, the audience asks what stories and actions he is going to show against the monster.

Lee Si Young
Courtesy of Netflix

A new addition to the series, Lee Si Young, who appeared in the movie “No Mercy,” plays Seo Yi Kyung, a former special-force firefighter, will showcase her all-time charm by battling monsters with exceptional judgment and quick fighting skills.

Lee Do Hyun
Courtesy of Netflix

Rising star Lee Do Hyun, who has captured the hearts of women through “18 Again” and “Hotel Del Luna,” plays Lee Eun Hyuk, head of Green Home Apartments. Eunhyuk is leading the citizens of Green Home with his innate cool-headedness toward an unimaginable tragedy.

In addition, Kim Nam Hee (Mr. Sunshine), Go Min Si (Love Alarm), Park Kyu Young (Romance is a Bonus Book, It’s Okay to Not Be Okay), and Go Youn Jung (He Is Psychometric) will also appear in the drama.

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Watch the teaser:

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