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10 heart fluttering and sweet moments in “So I Married The Anti-Fan” starring Choi Soo Young and Choi Tae Joon

Disclaimer: This article contains spoiler scenes from the drama so read at your own risk.

The airing of romantic comedy drama series, So I Married the Anti-Fan has ended last June 19, but we are still hook with the overflowing chemistry of Choi Tae Joon and SNSD’s Choi Soo Young.

The drama is about the comical love story of a top star, Who Joon and a magazine reporter Lee Geun Young who become an anti-fan of Who Joon. They receive an offer to cast in the reality TV show wherein the concept is all about the top star and the anti-fan living together.

Let’s bring back those 10 heart fluttering and sweet moments of Who Joon and Geun Young.

1. The Accidental Kiss

(Screenshot via iQIYI)

A shocking yet heart fluttering moment of Who Joon and Geun Young when they got into accident while they were riding a car in their shooting. Who Joon protected Geun Young and the accidental kiss occurred.

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2. The Lost Geun Young

(Screenshot via iQIYI)

Geun Young was lost in Japan, she couldn’t find her way back to their hotel since she never went to Japan before. Fortunately, Who Joon found her while she was crying out on a street then Who Joon said “I told you to stay focused on me”.

3. Who Joon and Geun Young Running In The Rain

(Screenshots via iQIYI)

Simple yet sweet scene from the drama. When Who Joon took off his jacket to cover their heads then started to run in the rain while gazing each others face.

4. Geun Young’s birthday celebration

(Screenshot via iQIYI)

The staff together with Who Joon surprised Geun Young for her birthday. As part of their surprise, they said that Who Joon got into an accident and he’s at the hospital but after a while, Who Joon started to sing a happy birthday song while holding Geun Young’s cake.

5. The Confirmation Kiss

(Screenshot via iQIYI)

From the accidental kiss to confirmation kiss? That’s too much kilig! This was when Who Joon kissed Geun Young to confirm his feelings for her because he don’t know why he is so concerned and confused about her.

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6. The Love Confession

(Screenshot via iQIYI)

When Who Joon finally confessed his feelings towards Geun Young saying “I don’t know when it began but I like you” then he sweetly kissed her.

Swear, i screamed while watching at this scene!

7. The Sly Who Joon

(Screenshot via iQIYI)

This was my fave Kilig scene, when Who Joon made his sly way to kiss Geun Young, pretending that he was looking for something in the car while adjusting the seat of Geun Young.

8. The Conservative Who Joon

(Screenshot via iQIYI)

When Who Joon complained that Geun Young’s skirt is too short for her. he’s a typical boyfriend who doesn’t want her girlfriend being stared at by other people. He also said that Geun Young’s legs were way too pretty for that. Who Joon is so cute!

9. Who Joon Comforts Geun Young

(Screenshots via iQIYI)

When Geun Young was having a hard time about something, Who Joon comforted her, and hugged her to make her feel better.

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10. The Sweet Marriage Proposal

(Screenshot via iQIYI)

The most heart fluttering and sweetest moment of all, Who Joon proposed to Geun Young in his own special way.

How about you bes, What is/are your favorite kilig moment/s of Who Joon and Goon Young in this drama?

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