Janella Salvador and Win Metawin confirmed to team up for the international film ‘Under Parallel Skies’

It was reported last month that Filipino actress Janella Salvador and Thai actor Win Metawin are filming a collaboration project in Hong Kong based on a local news article and now, seen together for the first time, the two officially confirmed and announced the team up for an international film.

‘Under Parallel Skies’ is a film that follows the story of a man struggling from a painful past. He then meets a woman who will later be discovered to be connected with that past.

‘Under Parallel Skies’ stills from @28squaredstudios on Instagram

The film will be directed by award-winning Filipino director Sigrid Bernardo who believes that the collaboration can bring out the actors’ individual skill sets and experiences that will help give them give a more genuine portrayal to the characters they play.

“I aim to create a film that celebrates the unique identities and traditions of each culture while also exploring common themes and experiences that unite us as human beings,” the director said.

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‘Under Parallel Skies’ is co-produced by Richard Juan and Kristhoff Cagape and is the first film of 28 Squared Studios in co-production with Two Infinity Entertainment.


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