Choi Soo Young sends food truck support to Ji Chang Wook’s “The Worst Evil” filming set!

SNSD’s Choi Soo Young showed her support for Ji Chang Wook‘s upcoming drama, The Worst Evil by sending a food truck to his filming set.

On February 17, Ji Chang Wook featured it on his Instagram stories. Ji Chang Wook wittily captioned the first photo, “Sooyoung-ah thank you but the photo” and “Sooyoung-ah Please the photo” on the third photo. Soo Young is so sweet and so funny at the same time.

The message on the horizontal banner reads:

I am rooting for actor Ji Chang Wook and the drama, “The Worst Evil”

while the message on the vertical banner reads:

Ji Chang Wook’s Action..

Can’t wait. I hope you finish the filming safely and healthily I wish you all the best.

Ji Chang Wook and Choi Soo Young both starred in the 2022 drama If You Wish Upon Me.

Moreover, The Worst Evil tells a story of undercover police investigators who gain access to a large criminal organization that involves illegal drug trade between South Korea, China, and Japan.

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Let’s look forward to Ji Chang Wook’s upcoming drama mga bes!

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