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[BREAKING] Lee Seung Gi and Lee Da In confirmed to be dating!

Based on the reports, the two actors have been dating for about 5-6 months now.

Photo courtesy of Elle Korea and Sports Kyunghang

The two started dating after establishing a good friendship through their common interest and the love for golf.

It is known that Lee Seung Gi loves playing golf and reportedly to be starring on a new SBS Golf Variety show.

Meanwhile, the actress Lee Da In showed her love for golf by posting random photos on her social media accounts.

Inside reports also added that Lee Seung Gi is seeing Lee Da In whenever he didn’t have to be on the set for filming ‘Mouse‘.


Lee Da In’s agency 9Ato Entertainment confirmed that “After carefully checking, Da-In herself admitted that they’ve been seeing and knowing each other for about 5-6 months now.”

Congratulations to the new couple!


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