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5 NCT Dream songs to hype you up for The Dream Show 2 in Manila

NCT Dream’s music transports you to a realm of pure enchantment, where every album release brings forth a new wave of hits that leave you mesmerized. With each performance, they weave a magical spell that keeps you under their charm, and with a discography so captivating, the youth never fades away.

Our Best Friend Ever, NCT Dream will stage The Dream Show 2: In A Dream in Manila. Their captivating performances never fail to amaze us, as they effortlessly showcase their playful energy and irresistible charm with every song on the setlist. We can’t wait to witness their spectacular show and make unforgettable memories together.

Now, here are five NCT Dream songs that will surely hype you up before the concert!

1. My First and Last

A timeless hit that has captured the hearts of countless fans since its release in 2017. This heartwarming song tells the story of young love, where they believe that their current love/crush is their first and last love.

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2. Better Than Gold

Nothing compares to experiencing NCT Dream live in concert; it is an event that is surely better than gold! Prepare to Volume Up, put on your favorite pair of glasses, and dance. We can’t wait to witness this live show, especially Jaemin and Renjun’s part!!!

3. Trigger the Fever

Drum Roll! Get ready for some serious excitement because no list is complete without mentioning “Trigger the Fever.” This song is young, fresh, and dreamy, with a beat that will make you feel alive!

4. Hello Future

Here we go. Hello Future is a very NCT Dream song. With its upbeat tempo and youthful vibe, it’s a song that ignites a fire within you and makes you believe that anything is possible. Like a ray of sunshine, it fills you with warmth and positivity, lifting your spirits and giving you the courage to dream big.

It’s a song that reminds you that life is an adventure, and every step you take is a new beginning.

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5. Beatbox

The concert is not complete without Jigeumcheoreom seoroui eumeul matchwo, Uriga hamkke mandeul eumak (Everywhere I go bring the beatbox) Kkumkkwowatdeon sungani yeogi isseo We won’t stop for a moment, oh-oh (Everywhere I go bring the beatbox). It’s a song that’s so catchy that you’ll find yourself singing it in your dream! (Note that we are not sure if they will perform the Korean or English version of this song.)

Now, which songs are you looking forward to hearing live? We hope that these songs have got you hyped up and excited for NCT Dream’s The Dream Show 2 in Manila, presented by PULP Live World.

Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to witness one of the hottest K-pop acts of today, live and in-person!

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