If you are looking for kdramas about being a mother then we got you bes. Here is a list of shows you can watch.

1. Go Back Couple

A story about a just divorced couple who went back into time to have a chance to redo their life. This kdrama is powerful as it shows how a parent will not give up their child for their own sake. A truly must watch drama.

2. Hi Bye Mama

Hi Bye Mama depicts the story of a woman who got into an accident while she is pregnant. It shows the undying love of a mother to her child. Mag ready ng tissue bes!

3. SKY Castle

A mind-blowing kdrama about highly competitive mothers who wants everything and the best for their children. This drama shows a mother will do everything for their child even if it means crossing their limits.

4. Reply 1988

If you love retro movies and life before technology then this kdrama is for you. It doesn’t just show past events but how mother’s love in all generation wins.

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5. When the Camellia Blooms

This kdrama is about a single mother who proved that a mother only needs her child to live happy. Motherhood doesn’t need anyones support to prove the world she can be a mother.

How about you bes? What is your favorite kdrama about moms? Share it with us!

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