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5 Fashion Items to Achieve the “CLOY Seo Dan” Look

Seo Dan – noun. A powerful, classy, and rich North Korean character from CLOY (Crash Landing On You).

There’s no doubt that we all came to love Seo Ji Hye‘s character, Seo Dan. This might be due to the fact that she is a complete definition of girl power and is not afraid to go after her happiness.

Although the second lead, Seo Dan gave us memorable moments and even more memorable fashion pieces throughout the drama.

Her sophisticated style screams elegance and feminine, that is a worthy rival that of Yoon Seri‘s.

In addition, her eye-candy ensemble just makes us want to live in her closet, for real!

Are you also one of the many that are Inspired by her chic fashion?

Well, here’s a rundown of the five must-haves if you feel like channeling Seo Dan and her amazing charisma.

The Iconic Hair Clip

Adding a ton of cuteness to her every outfit, the oftentimes gold hairclip is a staple in Seo Dan’s complete outfit.

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Accessorize any plain outfit with a pop of gold and bling bling for that instant charm and glow.

Perfect-fit Coats

Seo Dan often sports great looking coats that adds to her elegance.

Her printed and structured coats falls perfectly in her body, making her look more powerful than she already is.

One can describe Seo Dan’s fashion sense as smart and flawless.

Cutesy Ribbon

An absolute favorite! Seo Dan easily rocks the huge ribbons that gives accent to her plain ensemble.

Throughout the drama, the adorable piece became a signature look for her.

In addition, the statement ribbon definitely adds a layer of chicness and makes her appear ultra feminine.

Fun Colors

Seo Dan shows her explosive style with bright prints in CLOY – and we’re not complaining!

A mix of prints and pop of colors perfectly emulates her youthful vibe. Plus, she’s not afraid to wear loud colors, saying a lot about her strong personality in the drama.

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Sophisticated Monochrome

Seo Dan proves she can rock high fashion overalls and while being lovable at the same time.

Her tailored pieces just makes her look even more expensive and confident!

Do you also dig Seo Dan’s fashion style?

If you want to be a girl boss, but also sweet at the same time, take some inspo from this amazing lady!

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