Kim Myungsoo (L) opens official Twitter account

South Korean actor-singer Kim Myungsoo, also known as L, officially opened a Twitter account with the username, @/KIMMYUNGSOO_1 on January 26 that has more than 5000 followers as of this writing.

First tweet was posted after the creation of account that says, Kim Myungsoo (L) Opened Official Twitter [megaphone emoji] Through the official Twitter of Kim Myungsoo (L), we will deliver various news [blush emoji].

Moreover, the Twitter account will probably be managed by the company in posting updates about the artist since he will be enlisted in Marine Corps at the end of February.

Kim Myungsoo has a personal Twitter account along with other INFINITE members way back 2010, but he stopped using it in 2013.

As of now, the members are managing their personal Instagram account and more active there than the other social media accounts.

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Meanwhile, Kim Myungsoo also posted a new content on his YouTube channel showing glimpse of how he prepares for the poster shoot of his drama, Royal Secret Agent.

Watch below:

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