5 Reasons why you should watch “Count Your Lucky Stars” starring Jerry Yan, Shen Yue, and Miles Wei

Disclaimer: The article contains some spoiler content. Read at your own risk.

Are you looking for a Chinese romantic comedy drama that will make your heart flutter and make you say “sana all“? Count Your Lucky Stars starring Jerry Yan, Shen Yue, and Miles Wei is a highly recommended C-drama for you, bes!

Let me give you 5 reasons why Count Your Lucky Stars is a drama that you should not miss:

1. Catchy Storyline

(Photo from Jerry’s weibo via Youku tv)

Count Your Lucky Stars is a 2020 Chinese drama series; it is a comical and romantic story about a well-known editor-in -chief and a very fortunate man named Lu Xingcheng, and an ordinary fashion designer who often experiences bad luck named Tong Xiaoyou. Their fate was switched instantly due to an accidental kiss whereas Tong Xiaoyou became famous and Lu Xingcheng became the unlucky one.

Watch and witness how they eventually fell in love with each other.

2. Jerry Yan as the lead actor

(Photo from Jerry’s weibo via Youku tv)

Our childhood crush is back!

After playing the role of Dao Ming Si in the hit Taiwanese drama series Meteor Garden, Jerry Yan is really back to make our hearts flutter as Lu Xingcheng.

Nothing changed, he is still charming as if he’s not aging at all. Jerry Yan is really my childhood crush way back Meteor Garden days, I was only an elementary student back then (fangirling as its finest lol!) He is still the same when I first saw him in his drama in 2001. Given his charismatic visual, he is such a good actor as well. He personifies the quote “age is just a number”.

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3. Unexpected chemistry of Jerry Yan and Shen Yue

(Photo from jerryyan143 via Youku tv)

The Dao Ming Si in 2001 meets the Dong Shancai in 2018! Many fans of Meteor Garden were thrilled when they heard about the pairing of Jerry Yan and Shen Yue.

This drama will not disappoint you. Despite of their age gap, their chemistry is so good! Kilig to the highest level swear! You’ll gonna love how Xiaoyou helped Xingcheng to pursue his dream again as a fashion designer, how she became an instrument to cure the deepest pain in Xingcheng’s heart and how they achieved their dreams together with their love for each other.

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The cliffhanger kiss of Xingcheng in the hospital, Drunk love confession of Tong Xiaoyou, The piggyback ride of Lu Xingcheng to Xiaoyou, the cute moments when Xiaoyou want to kiss Xingcheng but he always refuses it, the sweet forehead kiss. These were my favorite kilig scenes. There’s a lot but I think you may just want to watch it by yourself, bes! To experience the kilig feels as well.

This is the new love team you will surely love!

4. Second Male Lead Syndrome

(Photo from Mile’s weibo via Youku tv)

Oh well, second male lead syndrome over and over again!

Try not to fall in love with Miles Wei’s character as Lu Yanzhi. He’s so good looking, I also see some Hu Yi Tian vibes in him. He is kind and most of all, he likes Xiaoyou even if his feelings can’t be reciprocated.

(This might spoil you so read at your own risk 😊)

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So, there was a scene, Yanzhi confessing his feelings to Xiaoyou while she is sleeping on the couch.

“There are some things that i can only say when you’re asleep. Xiaoyou, I like you. I’ve liked you for a very very long time. Do you like me too?.”

Painful right? But there’s more painful than this, when he finally have the chance to confess his feelings towards Xiaoyou, he asked Xiaoyou to lend him 10 seconds of her time, he hugged her and did not say anything instead he counted. Xiaoyou did not held him back.

(Photo courtesy of iam_miles_wei)

After 10 seconds, Yanzhi said:

“I already know the answer, can we still be friends?”

He added:

“In the future, i will keep this distance with you. I won’t make things difficult for you. But i still want to tell you, no matter what happens, as long as you look back, I’ll be here”.

Pighati! But I like how he confessed his feelings in his special way, and how he accepted the fact that they will never be more than friends. It hurts but I commend his bravery!

5. Inspirational and Meaningful Quotes from the Characters

There are so many inspirational and meaningful quotes from the characters in the drama and I listed some of them:

“Being Assiduous is more important than luck. Sticking to one thing and never giving up is more important than luck”

“As long as you work for it, you can do it”

– Lu Xingcheng

“Participating in the competition is not to beat anyone but to see the bigger world and to know there is always someone better than us”

-Lu Ren

“Surely we can’t select our family, but we have the right to choose the way we live such as a joyful, happy one.”

“Everyone has his or her own field, you can do what you are good at.”

“All of us have something we don’t want to face, but you can’t keep running away from it you must learn to face it”

“God closed a door for you in this place, in another place he’ll open a window for you.”

“To love is to love passionately”

-Tong Xiaoyou

“The titles, they don’t matter, what matters is doing the things you like”

-Sarah Lin

“The most powerful thing about each piece of work is the emotion hidden inside it an the unique emotion comes from its designer”

-Mu Yang

“It seems love is pretty hard to understand. In the past, i thought love means company, giving and protection. It means protection in my arms. But then i realized that when i tighten my arms, it’ll be harder for the one i want to protect to breath. If love is a flower, then this flower should not be picked and to be placed in a vase for me alone. It should be given more spaces to be free and to grow. Because what we love is alive, is pure and will thrive.”

-Lu Yanzhi

What are you waiting for? Watch it na mga bes!

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1 thought on “5 Reasons why you should watch “Count Your Lucky Stars” starring Jerry Yan, Shen Yue, and Miles Wei

  1. I waited until all the episodes were available and binged watched the drama. I was not disappointed. I was surprised at how soft spoken Jerry was in this drama but I loved his character as a genius designer. Of course, I love Shen Yue’s acting though she is very new to the industry.

    TBH, I haven’t seen any of Jerry’s dramas outside of the Meteor Garden I/ll but his portrayal of Daoming Si left an everlasting impression on me. I liked the song Weird Kiss and the ending song Jerry & Shen performed. Count Your Lucky Stars was a cute drama though there is a dark past concerning Jerry’s mom. I will definitely rewatch this in the future, old Daoming Si meets new Shancai!

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