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5 Reasons why you should listen to B.I and ID’s “Re-Birth”

"When the flowers are in full bloom, we expect someone to comeback."
Image Source: Spotify

Just like his promise, Kim Hanbin came back to the Korean music entertainment during spring season festival.

The phrase above is just one of the many reasons why IDs stayed and decided to wait for Hanbin for almost two years.

It is never easy and never will be to take the path wherein we aren’t sure if we are truly waiting for someone. But as for IDs- Kim Hanbin fans, the drought is finally over!

Kim Hanbin aka B.I of 131 Label has finally revealed his official fandom name called ID last April 15, 2021.

ID which means Be Identitya group of people who completes B.I identity all throughout his journey.

Prior to the announcement, B.I surprisingly dropped a surprise single dedicated to all his fans entitled, “Re-Birth.

As sweet and meaningful as the lyrics, here are the reasons why you should listen to B.I’s surprised song for fans.

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1. Re-Birth is dedicated to all IDs

To have a meaningful song between you and your idol means a lot. It defines the connection between you and your idol.

It is always a blessing to stan someone who knows how to treasure and give importance to their fans and as for B.I, his song Re-Birth was dropped unannounced to give thanks and show his appreciation to all IDs.

Who wouldn’t fall for Hanbin?

2. Re-Birth has a deep meaningful lyricism

We all know that B.I’s lyricism is exceptional.

His brilliant mind never failed to give a masterpieces kind of songs. He really knows how to write lyrics beautifully.

Hanbin dedicate Re-Birth for all IDs who stayed and patiently waited for him.

3. Re-Birth has the power to heal and calm your soul

It’s rhythm and mystic melody compliments with each other that it gave out a beautiful output which allow you to listen over and over again.

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Whenever you want to calm your mind and getaway from stress for a while, try listening to Re-Birth and all your worries will surely vanish.

4. Hanbin opens a Dear. ID Showroom to celebrate Re-Birth with fans

To celebrate the official fandom name and the song dedicated for all IDs. Kim Hanbin also prepared and arranged a flower exhibit for fans.

The event runs from April 20 to April 25, 2021 located at  B102, 149, Sinchon-ro, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea.

It opens at 11:00 AM KST until 22:00 PM KST.

Moreover, on the same day of the event announcement, Hanbin also revealed a photos of him arranging the flowers.

Below are the photos he posted on his official Twitter account.

Image Source: @shxx131bi131

5. Re-Birth is registered under the name of ID (Be Identity) in all music sites

Have you ever seen an idol who wrote song and registered it under his fandom name in all music sites?

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As for B.I, he wrote the single Re-Birth and registered it under the name of IDs (Be Identity).

Hanbin’s good heart and brilliant mind will surely make you fall for him everyday without getting tired.

He always do his best to communicate and give the best to IDs and as his fans let also Hanbin feel the same love that he truly deserve.

Re-Birth along with his other songs are indeed a masterpieces.

Thank you for the beautiful songs, Kim Hanbin!

You can listen to Re-Birth on Spotify and other music sites:

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