Taiwanese stars Jerry Yan and Ariel Lin confirmed to lead in new TV drama ‘Marriage Scene’

Great news, OG Asian drama fans!

Jerry Yan who is best known for the drama ‘Meteor Garden‘ and Ariel Lin for ‘It Started With A Kiss‘ will be starring in a new Taiwanese TV drama entitled ‘Marriage Scene’.

The long-time friends will play as a couple who has been married and divorced and reunited years later.

It is also said that because of the special script and the fact that he is partnering with his good friend, Jerry, who is busy with other projects, agreed to be in the drama. The filming is expected to begin in July.

Jerry Yan and Ariel Lin played the leading roles in the Mayday concert in 2012

Two of the biggest Taiwanese stars from our childhood days are pairing up for this upcoming drama! Stay tuned for more updates!


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