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AO EXCLUSIVE: “Love Alarm” returns with new updates!

Kim So Hyun, Jung Ga Ram, and Song Kang will ring our hearts again this March 12 through “Love Alarm Season 2.” 

“Love Alarm” is based on a famous webtoon by by Chon Kye Young  and is set in a fictional world where a smartphone app alarms you when someone within a 10-meter radius is romantically interested in you. 

On March 8, Kim So Hyun and Song Kang, along with director Kim Jin U participated in a virtual press conference. 

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Moreover, Kim So Hyun, who plays Kim Jojo, shared that if the application “Love Alarm” is real, it would be amazing that people will be able to see who has feelings for you and she thought that is definitely something that people become curious about.

When asked to give a piece of advice to Kim Jojo, Kim So Hyun said “I know and I understand that you are having a hard time. But, life is tough so sometimes you have to enjoy it, you are very young and beautiful so I hope you are happy.”

Song Kang, who plays Hwang Sun Oh, shared that in season two, the audience will see the more mature, grown-up, and Sun Oh as an adult after he and high school crush Jojo have broken up. 

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“The conflicts in season 1 evolved and I have to overcome those challenges so I think that’s how I came to be in tears. I love Sun Oh very much so I rewatched season 1 again and as I was trying to act those scenes where I have to cry I became Sun Oh literally and I think that’s why I shed a lot of tears,” Song Kang confessed.

He then gave a piece of advice to his character Sun Oh, “Sun Oh, I think I shed more tears than I shed in my entire life while I was acting you but please know that I’m always by your side.”

Through a recorded video, Jung Ga Ram, who enlisted last year,  told more things about his character Lee Hye Yeong, “Hye Yeong tries to express his feelings to Jojo even more and he tries to get through everything together with Jojo. Also, he tries to hide his feelings in front of Jojo even though he is struggling with any troubles.”

Photo courtesy of Netflix

Director Kim Jin U shared that the personality of Jung Ga Ram is very similar to Lee Hye Yeong as a character.

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When asked about what other character they want to portray, Kim So Hyun said that she wants to play Sun Oh because Sun Oh’s alarm is constantly ringing and she wants to know how that feels.

On the other hand, Song Kang would like to play Jojo because Jojo was love by two wonderful men. 

Instead of downloading “Love Alarm,” assuming it’s real, Kim So Hyun shared that she prefers to express her feelings with her own words rather than using the application. 

Similarly, Song Kang believes that expressing and confessing your feelings through your own words is more genuine. 

With three dramas released on Netflix, Song Kang has been dubbed as the “Son of Netflix,” he then confessed that he is very grateful when he hears those nicknames and it motivates him to do better and to work harder so he is now focusing on portraying and expressing different emotions. Kim So Hyun, said that she wants to be known as a genuine actor and authentic.

About the highlights of Season 2, Kim So Hyun said, “The biggest factor is how Jojo overcomes her pain. The other points of interest are how Jojo, Hye Yeong and Sun Oh mature and come to terms with their complicated relationship”

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With the global popularity of “Love Alarm”, Kim So Hyun revealed that she has been surprised by the number of fans asking when they can see the second season and who Jojo will end up with.

Song Kang shared that he realized how much love the series received globally when he saw the comments in different languages on his social media accounts. 

After years of waiting, “Love Alarm” is making its return. Set four years since the release of “Love Alarm” application, attentions are focused on how the love triangle between Kim Jojo, Lee Hye Young, and Hwang Sun Oh will be resolved by “Love Alarm ver. 2.0”

Whether you are Team Sun Oh or Team Hye Young, one thing is for sure, “Love Alarm” will ring our hearts again with version 2.0 this March 12, available exclusively on Netlix

Watch Love Alarm S2 | Featurette: A Heart-Fluttering Update:

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