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Get to know South Korea’s sweetheart Kim So Hyun

One of the most renowned personalities in South Korea is the young actress Kim So Hyun!

At the young age, she already rose to fame and won the hearts of many people. She have numerous movies and dramas, and even paired with prominent actors in the Korean entertainment industry.

To get to know Kim So Hyun more, below are the things about herself:

1. Born in Australia

Photo Source: SBS

Kim So Hyun was born in Australia on June 4, 1999 under the astrological sign Gemini. Moreover, when she was 5 years old (Korean age), she and her family moved back to South Korea.

2. Kim So Hyun’s family

Her father died when she was 9 years old and now lives together with her mother and younger brother.

3. Heart of an actress

Photo Source: Pinterest

It seems like being an actress is really destined for Kim So Hyun. She gains interest in acting since she was a little kid and now, she is known as one of the prominent actresses in today’s generation.

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4. Child actress

Photo Source: fxctional

Just like what she dream of, Kim So Hyun debuted at the age of 7 (8 in Korean age) without having any professional training in the 2006 drama titled Drama City.

After that, she recieved offers and her name started to build up in the entertainment industry.

5. Drama main role in 2015

Photo Source: IDN Times

After portraying minor roles, her first-ever main lead in the small screen is the 2015 teen drama series, Who Are You: School 2015.

6. First kiss with Yeo Jin Goo

Photo Source: keismagic

Yeo Jin Goo is Kim So Hyun’s first kiss in the filming of the drama Missing You. Well, it was both their first kiss as they starred in the said drama.

7. Learns new things because of her drama roles

Photo Source: wow_kimsohyun

Kim So Hyun learned a lot of things through her different drama roles. She learned to play piano from her 2016 drama Page Turner and also learned some action moves for her drama Let’s Fight Ghost.

8. No boyfriend since birth

Photo Source: wow_kimsohyun

In case you are wondering about Kim So Hyun’s lovelife, she shared in an interview that she never had a boyfriend as she never found someone yet who catches her attention.

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9. Versatile actress

Photo Source: wow_kimsohyun

As what you can see through her dramas and movies, Kim So Hyun did prove her versatility as an actress. She played various of unique characters and she undeniable nailed all of it!

Through her wide-spectrum acting ability and hardwork, she earned high-praised not just from the local Korean citizens but also internationally. Until now, her career is continuously growing and been recognized around the world.

10. Korean sweetheart

Photo Source: wow_kimsohyun

Kim So Hyun is also one of Korea’s sweetheart given her fair and excellent beauty and endearing personality. She can also easily strike a pose in front of the camera showing her charming looks.

Let us support our sweetheart Kim So Hyun as she continuously gives us quality-worth dramas and movies!

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